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7 steps to a gorgeous marriage proposal


Well, have you finally decided on a serious step and are ready to go to the altar with your lady? And she has long dreamed of becoming your wife? Fine! But you need to properly prepare for this and think over everything to the smallest detail. How do you propose to her? Where will this happen? Who will be there? Which ring to choose for your beloved? The FJewellery team has prepared answers to all these questions for you. Let's go through all the necessary steps together and make this day special for both of you!

7 steps

How to plan the perfect proposal

A task as simple as "Planning a proposal" can get complicated if you don't know where to start, what to consider, and what to tackle first. Therefore, we have prepared for you a short but useful guide that will greatly simplify your preparation and save you a lot of time.

And so, seven simple but important steps:

  1. Choose the perfect engagement ring - 50% success depends on it! It's worth clarifying in advance what jewelry your lady loves, what metal she wears and what precious gemstones she prefers. Eternal classics among such rings are gold accessories with a large round-cut diamond. But all girls are different and everyone likes different decorations, so when choosing a ring it's important to take into account the individual preferences of your girlfriend.
  2. If you and your bride are adherents of old traditions, then you should not forget about such an important moment as parental blessing. It should be given by the closest relatives of the girl, ideally - the father and mother. If you haven't thought about it before, now is the time, because this is really a very beautiful and romantic tradition. In addition, you will receive more respect in your address from her family.
  3. Choose a suitable location. This point is very important - the general atmosphere of the whole event depends on it. It's best to choose a place that has special meaning to the two of you, or one that your girlfriend would love to visit. If we talk about significant places, then this could be the restaurant where you spent your first date or the bench in the park where you first kissed. Or maybe you want to go to the place where you first met. Remember - look for a place with a special atmosphere and listen to the advice of your heart.
  4. Add entourage and small details. If this is a romantic date in your favorite restaurant or a secluded evening in nature, take care of ordering your favorite dishes and wine in advance. Choose the right music or arrange in advance with the musicians. Don't forget about pleasant little things, such as: candles, flowers, cozy blankets, beautiful glasses, delicious sweets, etc. If there is something special that is of great importance only for the two of you (song, drink, dessert, book) - it's time to remember this thing. The more details you remember, the more comfy, unusual and romantic will be your joint evening.
  5. Think about whom you would like to invite on this day. Very often marriage proposals are made not in private, but in the circle of the closest and dearest people, and that is a normal practice. For example, you can do this at a family dinner with your parents or invite friends through whom you once met. These will be very cool joint memories, and your friends will be happy to share this amazing event with you.
  6. If you want to capture this event not only in memory, but also in photographs or in video format, you should think about inviting a professional photographer. He will make very atmospheric and touching shots that will later form the basis of your family album. You can even arrange a hidden shooting with him so that it remains a surprise for your girlfriend until the last moment.
  7. If you are afraid to miss some important detail or not have time to prepare everything on your own in the right time - you can ask your friends or a special agency for help. Professional organizers will make this day the most unforgettable for both of you. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the moment!

7 steps

Save this list for yourself so as not to lose it and refer to it while preparing your marriage proposal - then everything will definitely go as smoothly as possible and without surprises. And, returning to the first point, in the FJewellery online store you can pick up the unique engagement ring that will hit your chosen one to the very heart and simply won’t let her answer your question in any other way than: “Yes! I agree!”.