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Contemporary jewellery that has become legends

Amal Clooney

When we hear about the engagement of another Hollywood star, socialite or favorite singer, we always imagine a jewelry with a gemstone of incredible size, shining like a real star from the sky. These magnificent models are worth a fortune and have been created by the finest and most famous jewellers. And these women really deserve such a gift, but none of them can outshine the beauty of the bride herself. The Fjewellery team was amazed by the uniqueness of most of these accessories and this inspired us to create a list of the most expensive and original engagement rings in the hole world. Let's explore them together!

Engagement Rings

The 20 most stunning celebrity engagement rings ever

  1. The main pearl of our rating is the incredible Grace Kelly ring, which was presented to her by the Prince of Monaco. A diamond of over 10 carats of dazzling beauty shone on the Hollywood diva's finger. This emerald-cut crystal was the center of the composition, and on the sides, it was complemented by two rectangular stones. The accessory was created by the fashion house Cartier, whose jewellery Grace simply adored.
  2. When Jacqueline Kennedy got married for the second time, the unique Lesotho III diamond, presented by Aristotle Onassis, shone on her finger. One of the most expensive accessories in the world was created by the brilliant Harry Winston, and the weight of the main stone was over 40 carats.
  3. Marilyn Monroe was an icon of style and sexuality, and her engagement ring made a splash in the world of jewellery, it was so unusual and original. However, like the actress herself. Handsome baseball player DiMaggio made a truly royal gift to the most famous blonde in the world - a platinum accessory studded with 35 magnificent diamonds. This accessory has been auctioned twice and sold for crazy money both times.
  4. Princess Diana's legendary ring, now owned by Prince William's beautiful wife Kate Middleton, is the pinnacle of perfection. An incredible sapphire weighing 18 kt uncovers another 14 solitaire diamonds.
  5. The unusual ring of the Hollywood star, the amazing and sexy Angelina Jolie, the master jeweler, together with Brad Pitt, invented and developed for almost a year. The actor wanted every detail of the jewelry to be perfect, just like his beautiful bride. And so, it turned out - 16 carats of pure magic shone on the hand of the beauty Angelina on the wedding day.
  6. A delicate oval-shaped soft pink diamond adorns the finger of the beautiful Blake Lively. Its weight is 12 carats, and the cost is about $2 million. Mr. Reynolds chose a really amazing ring for his gorgeous wife.
  7. Mary-Kate and Sarkozy - this engagement surprised many, but the lovers are happy, and one of the Olsen twins got a unique vintage Cartier jewel, bought by the groom at an auction from a private collection. Many 1.5 carat diamonds and 16 magnificent sapphires, this is a real piece of jewellery art.
  8. Meghan Markle's engagement jewel is also special. The large Botswana diamond in the center is surrounded by smaller crystals from the beautiful Diana's collection. It was created by the craftsmen from Cleave and Company, and Prince Harry himself came up with the design.
  9. Catherine Zeta-Jones' beautiful vintage accessory was created by brilliant jeweller Fred Leighton in the 1920s. 28 sparkling stones topped with a delightful 10 carat crystal.
  10. A luxurious 15kt cushion diamond crown the original jewel of the gorgeous Kim Kardashian. The $2 million decoration is simply flawless, as is the diva herself. By the way, this isn't the first such ring that Kanye gave his wife, but it's clearly larger and more luxurious than the previous one.
  11. Rapper Jay-Z proposed marriage to his sweetheart back in 2008. At the same time, an incredible 18-carat diamond shone on Beyoncé's hand. It's said that Queen B doesn't wear it to social events, preferring to replace it with a cheaper copy, which is not surprising given its price of 5 million dollars!
  12. The title of the owner of the most unusual engagement jewel can rightly be given to Emily Ratajkowski. The fact is that her ring is crowned with two large equivalent diamonds at once, with one pear-shaped, and the second princess-cut. The supermodel and her husband came up with the design and sketched the jewellery themselves, spending a lot of time on this one.
  13. Fatal and passionate beauty Eva Longoria and her unique ring. A gift from José Baston is crowned with a stone of passion - a luxurious bright red ruby, which is surrounded by a dozen diamonds - the radiance of gems is simply dazzling!
  14. A luxurious recycled platinum ring with an antique gem in the center is complemented by a double halo of conflict-free diamonds. And what other jewellery could be given to the beautiful actress, animal rights activist and vegetarian, the amazing Natalie Portman?
  15. Supermodel and real beauty Heidi Klum can boast of her unique ring, the design of which her husband Tom Kaulitz came up with himself! Amazing green alexandrite (the girl's favorite colour) is surrounded by several different-sized diamonds, which looks truly non-standard and wonderful.
  16. The luxurious platinum accessory of the Elizabeth Hurley looks fantastic. Blue as the ocean itself, the 9-carat sapphire is surrounded by the purest natural diamonds - a real artwork!
  17. Jamie Hince once made a truly amazing proposal to his sweetheart. The thing is that the ring that he gave Kate Moss was an exact copy that F. S. Fitzgerald gave to his beloved wife Zelda. The unique creation was made to order and cost the musician a round sum.
  18. Amal Clooney is the wife of one of the most luxurious men in Hollywood and the owner of an engagement ring worth more than half a million dollars. The elegant yellow crystal weighs 7 karat and simply dazzles with its radiance.
  19. The most romantic jewel went to the talented and extravagant Lady Gaga from her husband. On Valentine's Day, Taylor Kinney gave his beloved an incredible massive heart-shaped diamond.
  20. Sweet and sexy Megan Fox started a relationship with musician Colson Baker (MGK). On the occasion of the marriage proposal, the rapper gave the girl the most unusual and unique ring, the analogue of which will definitely not be found. The accessory has two parts connected by a magnet and resembling a heart in shape; it can also be separated. One of the stones is a natural Colombian emerald, which was shaped like a drop right in the mine. The second is a luxurious diamond of the same shape. But the main oddity of this jewellery is that there are spikes on its inside, which can hurt when you try to remove it. "Love is pain" - said the newly fiancé in his interview.

Engagement Rings

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