Engagement rings - the brightest novelties of 2023

Engagement Rings with Gemstones

The wedding ceremony is a very personal sacred event for two lovers, and, of course, the rings are its main attribute. But the engagement preceding this event is no less important, as is the jewel that a man in love gives to his lady of the heart. This jewellery symbolises a strong and unbreakable bond between two hearts - this is exactly what is always with you and is a weighty reminder of your love and passion. That is why it is so important to approach their choice as consciously as possible. And in this article, we want to discuss with you what the newlyweds should expect from the trends of 2023 and what shapes and styles of rings are better to select for such a solemn event. FJewellery boutique experts are fully immersed in this topic and compiled for you the top of the fashionable assortment of jewels for brides and grooms that will be in demand this year. So, get ready to learn a lot of new things and plunge headlong into the pleasant euphoria of the upcoming celebration!

Top 5 bridal ring designs 2023

Trends in this area are constantly changing and much of what was popular a few years ago is no longer relevant. But there are also reverse examples, when the classics come back into fashion again and take their place of honour on the fashion pedestal. In addition, don't forget that there are always models that don't succumb to the vagaries of changeable fashion and don't lose their relevance and attractiveness for decades. 2023 surprises us with both long-familiar styles and truly unique and contemporary novelties. So, let's explore them all!

1. Her highness romance!

Oh, these delicate and graceful wedding accessories, perhaps, will always be in the first place. Rings with gemstones cut in the shape of a heart are already a tradition, beautiful and touching. But this year has brought its own changes to the romantic precious style. We especially want to highlight the floral motifs, made up of small gems, where the central stone imitates a delicate flower (rose, peony, etc.), and delicate pear-shaped diamonds frame it from all sides, visualising the petals. More fabulous options are also relevant, with intertwining paths of chic diamonds, accents of beads, pearls and fancy-shaped crystals.

Many of these contemporary trends are based on vintage marriage ring styles and carry that special vibe of luxury and sophistication. Each of these models can become the highlight of your personal collection and a real family heirloom in the future!

2. Halo rings with a secret

Yes, you guessed it right, we are not talking about the classic models of these accessories, but something newer, unique and intriguing. In 2023, halo rings with a hidden row of luxurious diamonds, which are not immediately noticeable, but always visible to the owner of the jewellery, come to the top. Such accessories conquer and fascinate - no girl can resist this mystical beauty. By the way, in the coming seasons, options with other natural stones (e.g., sapphire) will also be relevant, so the assortment becomes even more plentiful and multifaceted.

3. Fancy cuts and elongated stones

More and more couples in love are trying to move away from the classics and are looking for something new and unusual for themselves, and here the new year has prepared a lot of interesting things for us. Unusual diamond shapes are becoming more in demand - long stones look fresh and original, moreover, they cover a large surface of a thin female finger, visually lengthening it. By the way, they also shine in a special way! The most fashionable cut styles in 2023 will be emerald, soft oval, marquise and pear - just imagine them in a new version, it's just fantastic!

4. Two stones - symbolism in everything

Rings with two large diamonds are far from new - many celebrities have already surprised the public with similar options of engagement rings in the past, but this year this design is reaching a new level and gaining momentum! Two massive noble crystals made in various cutting techniques are a real sensation that will hold the attention of the public for a long time, which means it will remain a must-have in future seasons. Just imagine - each gem symbolises two hearts, two such different people, united together by one great feeling. Well, isn't that romantic? In addition, you have the opportunity to pick up the shapes and colours of both stones to match your characters and preferences.

5. Furthermore - three stones!

It's hard to impress anyone with this design right now, but it still remains relevant and it's not surprising! Well, who doesn't like three beautiful sparkling gems put together? This style is based on a clear concept - one large natural crystal in the centre and two smaller ones on both sides of it. The traditional version always uses diamonds, but more contemporary models include other luxurious gemstones - a diversity of shades is always inspiring. Many famous divas at different times preferred just such models of engagement rings, and often they were made according to their own sketches - you can take note!

Gold Engagement RingsGold Engagement Rings

Trending metals in 2023

Options such as platinum and gold have always been in the top, and they continue to hold their positions. This year is no exception and whites are still in the lead, but experts have also predicted a triumphant return of the classic yellow aurum, and this is something new! But trendy pink metal still becomes a real breath of fresh air - rings in this tone seem as gentle and romantic as possible. We advise you to take a look at them in the FJewellery catalogue, and you will immediately understand what we are talking about!

And so, platinum engagement rings are a classic that has stood the test of time and suits literally everyone. It also goes well with other jewellery and won't stand out brightly against their background. The metal itself is extremely durable and strong, has an elegant white hue and a special natural lustre. But be aware of its cost - it's high and may not fit into your budget. No problem! A chic alternative is 14-carat gold. By the way, it's this purity of the alloy that promises to become the most popular in 2023, and we are sure that many fashionistas will agree with us.

If we talk about colour, then there is a large choice and any combination is acceptable, due to which gold engagement rings can be said to be in the lead in this race. In addition, bright and rich metal tones always look amazing! Add to this a colossal palette of shades of various gems, and you will be surprised at how many unique and exclusive models you will get. Experiment boldly and remember that the boundaries of what is permissible are greatly pushed apart this year!

Men's engagement rings - why not?

Love is multifaceted and sensual - it has no boundaries and prejudices, which is why in contemporary society there is an increasing trend when girls make marriage proposals to their beloved men or both partners mutually exchange such rings.

In 2023, the direction of gents wedding jewellery continues to develop rapidly and designers present us with more and more original and non-standard options. And so, the new seasons have prepared for us the following innovations:

There are other male alternatives to the metals popular today, and these are: tungsten, palladium and tantalum. Their combination with the usual noble minerals looks very courageous and bold - what a real strong man needs!

Platinum Engagement RingsPlatinum Engagement Rings

Popular gemstone sizes in 2023

Although it's difficult to indicate the trend of this parameter, specialists say that 2 carat crystals will become a true breakthrough in the next few seasons. This is a large enough size so that the stone is noticeable, but at the same time doesn’t lose its charm and grace. Depending on the chosen cut, this size will always look different - what is its additional beauty? If you pick up a model with several stones, then only the main element can be 2 karats - the whole design will loop around it.

We offer gemstones rings in a variety of sizes and shapes in our online shop, so you can easily compare your favourite options and decide for yourself whether you want to follow this new trend or something else will resonate with your heart. In any case, always rely only on your preferences, because fashion cannot decide for you such important things as buying an engagement ring.

We hope that we were able to facilitate your choice, and you have a more complete picture of the upcoming changes in the field of marriage accessories. But if you still have questions or want to consult your upcoming purchase in more detail, FJewellery managers are always in touch and ready to solve any of your problems in a matter of minutes! We are waiting for you and guarantee the most comfortable shopping ever! Welcome!

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