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How to find your talisman?

Pendants talisman

Our oldest ancestors have always believed in the magic of nature and the protection that it gives to people. Many gifts of nature were treated with great awe and were used as protective talismans. Precious minerals became the basis of such amulets. There are many gold and silver accessorises with similar gems in the "FJewellery" store catalogue, but before buying them you should know exactly which mineral is right for you!

What is my birthstone?

In most ancient beliefs, the precious gemstones were given great importance, and they were believed to have supernatural powers. Since then to this day, there is a belief that such a unique birthstone will give its owner excellent health, exceptional success in business and happiness.

To understand which talisman is right for you

study the list below:

Jewellery with a birthstone of January

What other classifications are there?

The seasons of the year will contribute to the choice of "their" natural guardian:

The seasonality of the gem will emphasize the thematic design. For example, for those born in spring, a pendant in the form of a flower or a bud with a delicate green gem is suitable, and for summer birthday people - a brooch in the form of a sun or a butterfly with carnelian. Accordingly, an accessory with an opal or topaz in the shape of a leaf of a tree can become an autumn decoration, and a snowflake with a sparkling sapphire is a winter option.

Jewellery with a birthstone of February

The day of the week on which the birthday falls is also important - the ideal talisman can be chosen more precisely:

With the help of these three lists, you'll definitely pick up exactly the amulet that will become your protector and patron. And the consultants on the "FJewellery" website will select the ideal metal, type and shape of the accessory for you, so that the talisman not only protects you, but also becomes an elegant highlight of your entire look. And may good luck accompany you!