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What jewellery to wear on wedding day

Jewellery for wedding

This is the most memorable day of your life and we want it to be perfect. Everything is important here: lingerie, shoes, hair, dresses and, of course, jewellery for wedding. The integrity of your look, your good mood and your memories depend on the right choice of the latter. The FJewellery offers a wide range of jewellery. We have ready-made sets, as well as great jewellery in the collection; you can independently put together the perfect set yourself at an affordable price. In any case, we think you will find our advice useful. So, let's get down to business!

How to choose wedding jewelry to match the colour of your dress

Of course, you have probably already thought about the style of your wedding dress in detail. You know what colour it will be and what impression it should make on those around you and, of course, on your fiancé. Here are some tips for achieving the perfect result. First, let's talk about the colour combination of the dress and jewellery:

Multi-coloured bridesmaid dresses have become popular today. In this case, there are no limits for you! Emeralds, diamonds or zirconia are suitable for a green dress, rubies, topazes, citrines and all colourless and transparent gemstones etc. for a red one.

Diamond pendants

And what about style? Which accessories will go with this or that outfit?

Please note, that if your outfit is decorated with beads, sequins or other décor, you should use their shade to choose the perfect fit. Another important point. Should the groom and bride's jewellery match? There are no strict rules here, but when they are made in the same design, it looks very beautiful!

Solitare rings

All ladies and mens are excited about this most memorable day. There are a lot of questions spinning around in my head: "Am I confident in what I'm doing?" How do I look good on one of the most important days of my life?" For everything to be good (and this doesn't just apply to accessories), just do everything from the heart. Relax! Do everything with gusto, and make the day only your sweetest memory.

We understand how important it is that everything is perfect on the day. Online store FJewellery has put together a huge assortment of jewellery, that:

They are all collected in a cosy catalogue. High-quality pictures will help you make your choice. if you need advice or help, our concierge is always on hand to help.