Most popular engagement ring settings

Engagement Rings

There are such special decorations, when looking at them, girls have tears of joy in their eyes, and they want to shout “Yes!” loudly and clearly, and jump for happiness! You understood correctly, we are talking about the very ring that is customary to buy in order to ask the main question - "Will you marry me?". It's about them that we will discuss today in the FJewellery blog. We decided to wonder which models can be said to be the most popular engagement ring settings, and here's what we found out. Get comfortable and let's get started!

Engagement rings

Top 5 trending types of settings

  1. Unique classic diamond solitaire. The undisputed favorite of recent years, which is in no hurry to give up its leading position. And although jewellery fashion is as cyclical as any other and trends often change, but not in the case of this design. There is always a large diamond in the center of the composition, so the stone must be clean and flawless - the style of cutting is everything. The most common options are princess, rhombus or traditional round crystal. Of course, you can choose a ring with any other precious stone, but a classic is a classic!
  2. Contemporary and stylish, Bezel setting has traditionally taken second place among the most sought-after engagement rings. Perfection and elegance of lines, gentle streamlined shape, a beautiful shining gem framed in luxurious gold - this is the accessory that no woman can resist. In addition, these models are considered the most practical and comfortable, well suited for everyday wear, and therefore it's difficult to compete with them.
  3. Unique Pave settings with elegant paths of sparkling diamonds on both sides and this is an honorable third place! The basis for this magic can be strict white, chic yellow or delicate and luminous rose gold - in any case, the jewellery looks simply amazing!
  4. An engagement halo ring can be called a real miracle - after all, when you see it on a graceful female finger, it simply takes your breath away and leaves you speechless! The main crystal is surrounded by several tiny pave gemstones, which only enhances the effect and value of the main element, and the shining luxury of gold completes the composition - it's just fantastic, not a jewel.
  5. The three stone ring triumphantly completes our hit parade and is rightfully considered the most incredible and elegant example of a womens accessory. Most ladies will confidently vote for this model! Traditionally, diamonds are used for this setting - the largest is in the center, and two smaller ones are on the sides. But why always follow tradition? Today you can safely choose models with coloured gems, and they can all be of the same size - it all depends on your personal preferences. By the way, this jewelry has a special meaning - it symbolizes three stages in the relationship of a couple of lovers - a bright past, a happy present and an impressive future.

Engagement rings

So, we found the answer to the question of what is the most popular setting for an engagement ring. We hope that now you can definitely make your choice. Don't forget also that in the future for a full and bright wedding set you will need other decorations, such as:

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