Redesign of a vintage jewellery collection

White gold vintage jewellery

Have you been lucky enough to inherit a luxurious and beautiful jewel that has been passed down in your family for more than one generation? Or maybe you have a whole collection of such decorations from your beloved grandmother? Well, it's very cool, because they contain so many delightful memories - they can really tell us a lot about the past of the family and people close to us. Many of us simply keep such things in a box and occasionally look there are moments when we want to plunge into warm memories of the past and relatives. But what if you start using them? Just like that, for no reason, to take and put on a beautiful vintage necklace or granny's ring! Of course, the thing may be damaged or deformed, or it may simply not fit your usual style and image. And here contemporary jewellers come to the rescue, who are able to work real miracles with your precious relics. The FJewellery team has collected for you all the available information on the topic of upgrading accessories and is in a hurry to share it with you! Let's delve into the world of jewellery redesign together and learn how to give them a new lease of life while preserving their history!

Why is this needed?

Imagine the most expensive thing you have. It can be anything from diamond earrings to your favourite book - the main thing is its value to you. Represented? Now think about who you could entrust this treasure to? We think that this will be the dearest and closest person to you, who will treat your treasure with the same care and love as you yourself. Would you like this person to use such a gift, read your favourite book, etc.?

The same with inherited precious accessories. You got this jewel for a reason - it's about love and trust! And you simply must not only preserve, but also continue this story, reveal it to yourself and tell the next generations. But this doesn't mean that this accessory is untouchable - you can and should rewrite this story and bring some personal into it! Later, your children will do the same, and it will become a real relic through the generations with a huge and interesting story.

That's what decoration redesign is for - so you can write your own story! This is the most reliable way to keep the memory of your loved ones and pass it on to kids. Give yourself and your heirs the pleasure of not only admiring this beauty, but becoming involved in it, transforming it and creating an amazing and eternal jewel!

Pre owned cufflinksPre-owned cufflinks

What jewellery can be upgraded?

Absolutely any! Experienced master jewellers are able to give new life to even the most ancient and broken items. It isn't difficult to restore a broken chain or a bracelet with a broken fastener, and a good craftsman can easily cope with this. However, you cannot only fix a broken accessory, but also completely remake it for yourself. For example, you have only one sapphire earring left, and the second of the pair has long been lost. It's not a problem anymore! You can turn it into a beautiful ring or a chic sapphire pendant. You can also add there:

What will be the shape and size of the future accessory - you decide too! Agree, it is very convenient and so you can fully customise the design of the product to your taste and style. Now every day, putting on this decoration, you will remember the most pleasant and touching moments associated with your dear person. Isn't this real magic?

A special jewel for the most important day!

We humans are very sentimental creatures and each of us has special memories and dates that we treat with all trepidation. This is exactly what happens to many with a wedding! Indeed, for the majority, this event is so significant and exciting that it's even difficult to imagine. And we always want to have the closest people next to us on this solemn day - family and best friends. And if one of your loved ones is no longer with you, you can use their personal item that they left for you to feel their presence and warmth again. The vintage accessories you inherited are perfect for this!

Remember such an amazing marriage tradition, where the bride must have:

What better way to describe "old" than a vintage item you got from your great-grandmother? And if this decoration has blue gem inserts, then here is the second piece of the puzzle! Resort to a redesign and get a completely new and exclusive jewel - literally three in one! 

And if you want to really immortalise this piece of jewellery - use it to create your own flawless engagement rings! What could be grander and more memorable than this?

Vintage gold keeper ringVintage gold keeper ring

How much does it cost to upgrade decorations?

The price of a redesign depends on many nuances, and only a specialist who will deal with your jewellery can tell you the final amount. It all depends on the result you want and how many resources, time and materials will be spent on it. So, e.g., if you just want to fix a broken clasp or restore the links on a torn silver bracelet, it will be quick and cheap. But if you decide to melt down the gold chain or change the ligature, then this process will take longer and the cost will increase.

In any case, it's very important to discuss with the master in advance all the changes that you want to make to the accessory, select the necessary materials and visualise the final result. Then it will be easier for the jeweller to work with the product, and you will be as satisfied as possible with the finished decoration.

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