Stackable rings: The newest trend for the hottest look

Tri colour ring

Stacking rings is a great way to achieve a unique look.

If you need advice on which rings to buy, how to properly combine them with each other, this article from the experts at FJewellery is for you.

Stacked rings - what are we talking about?

You'll know about fashion trends in layered accessories such as necklaces or bracelets, when you combine options of different sizes, forms and designs, to create a fresh new look.

Now this trend has reached rings, and everything works exactly the same way.

You can choose rings of different thicknesses, and with a variety of decorations, and mix them together on one, or more, fingers.

You can change your stacking technique according to your desire and mood.

But the most important thing is exclusivity. You'll be creating a look that is totally unique to you. How cool is that?

Solitaire ringSolitaire ring

You can select rings based on your preferences. You prefer thin and concise rings, you might like fancy curved rings, or maybe large fashion rings.

It all depends on your imagination and inspiration, so don't be afraid to experiment, and we guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised by the result.

And remember, there are no specific rules or restrictions, so go with your own flow.

We're going to show some basic styles and ideas, and after that it's entirely up to you.

How to wear multiple rings?

We've put together a guide of 5 cool ideas for you to help you find inspiration for your first set of stackable bands.

1. Mix, combine, repeat.

The combination of different textures and shades of metals is the best way to build an original stack of rings.

Exquisite white gold, warm classic yellow, delicate and cute rose - you can use any option.

Just don't rush to sort them by colour - it looks much more spectacular when several tones of gold are mixed on separate fingers at once.

It may seem unusual at first, but you'll quickly see the advantage of this style tip and be delighted with the result. 

We recommend you to stick to a certain type of metal.

For example, build your stack of only 14-carat golden rings, but in various colours.

Why? Because each metal has its own characteristics and can cause damage to another.

To limit damage to your rings, try to select items with a protective rhodium plating. 

2. Use different fingers

Stackable rings can be worn on several fingers on both hands at once.

This doesn't mean that you need to immediately decorate all your fingers with jewellery.

Try leaving a couple of fingers empty to achieve a nice balance.

If you prefer a very minimalistic style, then use a single finger, leaving the rest empty - this will also look very aesthetically pleasing.

If you want a different effect, one that's guaranteed to get attention, then leave a couple of fingers empty and cover the rest with sparkling rings.

For example put three rings on your middle finger, and two on the annular and index fingers, put another on your thumb, and add two rings to your forefinger, and one more to the middle finger, with a thin band on your pinky.

3. Combine designs and shapes

Just as you will be mixing the metal tones, you'll also need to mix ring designs.

Use various widths and volumes to achieve balance, add volume, and create symmetry.

Try to combine signet rings with thin and graceful bands, use eternity rings with fancy models etc.

Pay attention to the geometric shapes and combine soft squares with strict triangular forms, or classic rounds with clear lines of squares.

Add curved rings to add an extravagance to your look.

The more you play with design and mix your elements, the more unexpected and original results you will get.

4. Add gems for juiciness

Many people think that gemstones are taboo for stackable rings, we say anything goes when it comes to stacking rings.

Tiny coloured crystals will add richness to your set and make it more out-of-the-box and noticeable.

Larger stones will create a massive accent and shift the priorities in favor of expensive sophisticated luxury.

You can experiment with the sizes, cuts and colours of the stones to achieve the desired effect. 

For example, a combination of transparent cubic zirconia with bright matte turquoise works well

Or strictly black onyx with light and airy pearls looks very cool.

The main thing is 'don't overdo it'. We recommend you use no more than three, and preferably two, rings with gemstones for the entire look.

Wishbone ringWishbone ring

5. Look for inspiration in contemporary styles or classic looks

Often interesting ideas visit us when we think about pleasant things or do what we love. That's when images pop up in our heads.

Beautiful films, music, favourite books or stylish magazines, anything can become a source of inspiration.

For example, you may have liked the style of the main character from a recent Netflix series.

Or you read a book about luxurious renaissance outfits and were fascinated by these images.

Use this inspiration to create your own accessory stack, and add on-trend pieces or vintage classics. 

Types of stacking rings

So, now you've figured out how to combine and layer rings, so it's time to move on to choosing and ordering them.

We have compiled a complete list of suitable stacking rings for you. Enjoy.

Our stock is constantly growing and updating, so be sure to join our newsletter for the latest new stock, tips and style advice.

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