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The shape of a diamond matters

Engagement Rings

When choosing an engagement ring for a beloved girlfriend, many guys often ask themselves the question: “What shape of stone is better to choose?” FJewelery store experts have studied all the fashion trends and are ready to offer you the best of the options!

What are the most popular diamond cuts for engagement rings?

The most basic and expensive part of a ring is the diamond. There are a huge number of types and cutting options - from traditional forms to the most unusual and bizarre ones. Most importantly, when choosing, rely solely on the preferences of your lady and your own. Our selection contains the most popular and best-selling stone shapes - you are sure to find your ideal model here.

Diamond Rings

  1. Round. The most classic diamond shape that has not gone out of fashion for many years. Such a cut gives the crystal volume and unprecedented radiance; besides it looks great in any design.
  2. Oval. An elongated version of the classic round shape. It shines just as amazingly, but looks more unusual. Looks luxurious framed by smaller precious crystals. In addition, the such shape of the stone is able to visually lengthen the finger.
  3. Marquis. A narrow, long crystal, very similar to an oval, but with pointed edges. Most often, it's used as the only decorative element in jewelry and looks royally expensive.
  4. Princess. The second most common diamond cut. Most often it has the shape of a square with pointed edges. Sometimes you can find a more rectangular model. This ring looks very elegant, and its geometry further emphasizes the beauty of the stone.
  5. Cushion. Delicate and soft crystal, visually reminiscent of the Princess, but with softer edges. If you prefer vintage jewelry, then such a voluminous and airy gem cut is just what you need!
  6. Emerald. Which stone has a rectangular stepped shape with a smooth platform on top. It's also equated with classic cuts and is referred to as the Art Deco style. Thanks to strict straight lines, the gem perfectly reflects light and creates an incredible shimmering effect.
  7. Radiant. It's somewhat reminiscent of an emerald cut, but there are no sharp edges. Soft shapes and clear lines - they create all the magic due to which the crystal shines simply luxuriously.
  8. Baguette. This rectangular cut also belongs to the Art Deco. Such a gem is rarely placed in a ring in a single copy - more often, it's surrounded by two more crystals of the same shape, but smaller. As a whole, such composition looks very voluminous and original.
  9. Assher. A soft, slightly rounded square has as many as 58 facets that create a crazy glow and make the stone delicate, airy, but at the same time geometric and strict. Unreal combination and luxury.
  10. Pear. Another vintage and elegant cut that has been used by jewelers for over 600 years. In another way, this form is called a Drop. Pointed at the top and soft at the bottom - it accurately conveys the duality of the female character: strength and weakness, severity and tenderness.
  11. Heart. This is perhaps the most romantic shape for a diamond. An eternal symbol of love - such a ring will become the quintessence of your tender feelings and will always remind your beloved of them.
  12. Triangle. The most unusual, but very effective cut, which will inevitably attract the attention of others. Such a diamond will look great both as the only one in jewelry and surrounded by other gems. For lovers of avant-garde style, you can look for models in which there is a play of geometric shapes (a combination of a triangle with round or square crystals).

Diamond Rings

This dozen of the most striking, elegant and sought-after cuts for such special rings. In the FJewelery online catalogue, you can take a closer look at each individual model and purchase the one you like at the most pleasant price. When the ring is in your pocket, it's time to move on to planning your marriage proposal.