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Unraveling the main secret of engagement rings

Engagement rings

Finally, that important moment has come, and you realize that you have found the girl you want to call your wife. This is where the planning of a marriage proposal begins: finding the perfect time, place, words and, of course, a ring that should be a reflection of your feelings and the main surprise of this event. The FJewellery website team decided to come to the rescue by creating a small memo with tips on how to find out the right size in secret from the girl so that the surprise is not spoiled, and the beloved is delighted.

Engagement Rings

5 ways to secretly find your bride's ring size

  1. Examining the jewellery box. Surely your girlfriend has more than one ring in her collection and any of them can be used as a sample. You can try it on your finger, trace it on a piece of paper with a pencil, or use more unconventional methods. For example, take a small bar of soap and make a mold on it, or take a long candle and thread the ring into it, leaving a mark in the place where it will be worn as tightly as possible. Very in the spirit of spy movies, isn't it? With all these measurements, feel free to go to a good jeweller to determine the size you need. Naturally, the easiest option would be to take the accessory with you to the store and use it as a model. But then choose the one that the girl rarely wears and won't notice its absence.
  2. Help from a friend. There is no guarantee that her friend, mother or sister knows the size, but it will definitely be easier for them to find out this information, and you will remain above suspicion. Let them walk together in jewellery stores and, under any pretext, try on various gold or silver rings. So, you will not only find out the numbers you need, but you will also understand what style of accessories she likes the most. Important: make sure your secret is not leaked!
  3. Little deception. Tell the girl that you want to give a present to your mom. Ideally, if she soon has a birthday or some other holiday is planned. Ask to go shopping with you to choose a piece of jewelry, and then ask the girl to try it on her finger. So that the legend doesn't cause doubts and seems plausible - you can buy this ring. You get a gift and find out the size - a win-win option!
  4. Secret dimension. Another spy method that will only work if your bride-to-be is really fast asleep. Use a simple thread: wrap it around her finger when the girl falls asleep, and then find out the length of the segment with a ruler. Remember, the thread should not be too tight and not too loose on the finger. An experienced jeweller will be able to calculate the appropriate size.
  5. Comparison. Not the most accurate way, but if there is no other option, it's worth a try. Holding hands, try to determine which of yours her ring finger looks like. Then, when buying, you can try on the accessory for yourself, but consider possible errors.

Don't worry if you made a slight mistake. Almost any ring can be slightly enlarged or reduced. This question can be clarified with the seller when buying. You can also return an unsuitable model or exchange it for another. There is always a way out!

Engagement Rings

A few useful facts and tips:

We hope that our tips will be useful for you, and you will find a way to choose a unique and special engagement ring for your lady of the heart. The FJewellery online stop has a wide range of interesting models and a huge selection of sizes, and in our blog, you will find a lot of useful information on planning the perfect proposal and wedding. Welcome!