Why do we need engagement rings?

Engagement Rings

Jewellery is one of the largest categories of accessories. They are bought for the occasion or just for fun. One such piece of jewellery that many girls dream of is an engagement ring. They put their special meaning into it and look forward to it just as much as they look forward to an engagement ring. FJewellery offers a large collection of such jewellery. Read our article about why you should buy an engagement ring, its meaning and how to choose and wear it correctly.

A bit of history

It is believed that such rings were a symbol of a promise. It was given to oneself or another person. The ring was worn as a reminder of it. For example, bishops wore such a ring as a sign of service to God. Even the rulers of cities on the shores of the Adriatic Sea used them as a symbol of promise. Every year, they threw another ring into the sea as a sign of their commitment.

It is believed that the tradition of exchanging rings between lovers originated in ancient Rome. The lovers exchanged rings as a sign of the seriousness of their intentions. As a rule, there was a certain period after which the marriage ceremony was to take place.

In the Middle Ages, there was a wonderful tradition of engraving phrases from poems on the rings. And later - to put words on rings made of precious stones. The jewellery was given to each other by lovers.

Today this tradition looks no less sweet and touching. A promise backed by an engagement ring looks solid and speaks of the seriousness of the intentions. The ring symbolizes loyalty and faithfulness. That's why engagement rings as well as wedding and engagement ring sets are one of the most desirable gifts for women.

Diamond engagement rings

Engagement vs Wedding Ring: What's the Difference?

An engagement ring or promise ring can be given as a gift:

In the first case, it will symbolize the seriousness of intentions. It is a kind of promise to get married soon. Lovers give such rings to each other before the wedding. Note that an engagement ring is different in meaning from a purity ring. In the second case, it is not just a promise, but an oath not to enter into a relationship before marriage.

In other cases, an engagement ring or promise ring is meant as a reminder that you made a promise to do something (or not to do it). It can be given to a friend, partner, or family member. Romantic symbolism is out of the question here.

How to choose an engagement ring

A promise or engagement ring is a symbol, and its appearance can be absolutely anything. The only important thing is that this jewellery should be chosen in such a way that it complements the look and can be worn, without taking it off, with any look.

We offer the top 6 rings that are in demand among our customers and show business stars:

Anyway, these are just examples. You can always come up with your version for this festive occasion.

How much does an engagement ring cost?

If you are planning to give something grand, remember that the engagement ring should not overshadow the engagement ring. It's a symbol. It can be:

Based on these parameters, we recommend paying attention to something timeless, optimally priced and stylish. We are sure that such an approach will be noted.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

On which finger to wear

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, and the answer is pretty simple: choose for yourself. You can wear it wherever you feel most comfortable. Most often it is the ring finger. In the future, you can replace it with an engagement ring or, if it is a set, wear them together. There is no prohibition against wearing an engagement ring on your index, thumb, middle or little finger. It all depends on your preference.

Take your pick, and FJewellery is always ready to help you. An engagement ring is like growing up. It takes time and a mature, informed decision. We are sure that we can help you find the best option for that decision.

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