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Apr 21

6 Jewellery Trends For Spring 2020

With spring on the way, the latest trends are starting to come into play for the new season. Alongside the biggest fashion looks for spring and summer 2020, accessories and jewellery also have several standout styles that complement our new fashion buys.

Feb 14

Top Five Timeless Gifts for Women

You need an item she will love when she is in her 20’s all the way up into her 80’s. In any other category, such a lofty goal would be challenging, but with fine jewellery finding a timeless gift is simple.

Feb 14

Understanding Gold Quality and Carats

To help you understand more about gold quality and what carats are and what they mean, we’ve put together a quick and easy guide.

Jan 28

Finding that Perfect Gift

Gift-giving is an art, and not many people can say they are naturals at it. Instead of working to get better, however, far too many people simply buy something for the sake of it when that isn’t what gift-giving should be about.

Feb 26

Pre-owned Jewellery

It is a much-discussed question weather to buy pre-owned jewellery or not. For me as an experienced jeweller the answer is yes.

Feb 26

What is 9ct gold jewellery?

I think we should start with what is 'ct'? it is short for carat I am sure you have seen this term used for diamonds but it is also used to describe the purity of gold.