Top Five Timeless Gifts for Women

14.02.2020 / Views

Top Five Timeless Gifts for Women


When shopping for fine jewellery, you don’t want to go by trends. Trends fade away, and as they fade, so too will your gift to the back of the jewellery box. That is why you need to choose something timeless when shopping for fine jewellery — something that can be worn with everything and anything. You need an item she will love when she is in her 20’s all the way up into her 80’s. In any other category, such a lofty goal would be challenging, but with fine jewellery finding a timeless gift is simple. 

Each of these top five gifts will endure throughout the ages, and if they’re taken care of, it could even be passed down the generations. That is the value and beauty of fine jewellery. 


  1. Elegant Gold Earrings 

Elegant gold earrings are a must if she has piercings, and there are so many great designs to choose from. Elegant gold studs to hoops to dangling minimal pieces — there are options that will suit everyone’s style, and when made of gold, they offer a shine that cannot be beaten. 


  1. A Beautiful Jewellery Set 

If in doubt, always go with a beautiful jewellery set. Earrings with a matching necklace are often ideal to start with and perfect for those that don’t often wear bracelets or rings. 


  1. The Perfect Bangle for Her Wrist 

The perfect bracelet is one that fits her wrist perfectly and can be worn often. With the right gold bangles, even someone who doesn’t wear bracelets all that often will become a quick convert. Just match up the bracelet with the type of jewellery she often wears (dainty, or statement, for example) and you can give her a new wardrobe staple. 


  1. An Everyday Necklace 

A great necklace is one that can be worn every day and with any outfit. These types of necklaces are worth splashing out on the most, because they will be adored and appreciated day after day. 


  1. A Dazzling Diamond 

A diamond is a girl’s best friend because it will continue to dazzle for years. Due to their hardiness, a diamond is simultaneously dainty and hard-wearing. You can wear it day after day and it won’t lose its cut or its sparkle. A stunning diamond bracelet for women or diamond earrings are statement pieces that can be feminine and delicate all at once, and above all else, will last generations. 

To truly ensure she will love it forever, you will want to ensure that the item you have chosen matches her skin tone. People often either have a warm, cool, or mixed skin tone. Cool tones work best with silver or white gold. Warm skin tones work with yellow golds, and those with mixed skin tones suit any type of gold and are easy to shop for. 

You can easily tell which type of gold will suit her best by seeing what she already has and wears often. Once you know this, you can shop for a timeless gift that will help bring out the warmth and beauty in her smile.