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Designer jewellery is the best gift that suits everybody. Moreover, it does not have to be expensive – we strive to provide a wide assortment of high-quality items of all kinds and prices. Treat yourself to one of our economical trinkets or choose a luxurious piece of jewellery for your loved ones – buy presents in our jewellery catalogue. Browse items online using high-resolution photos to compare and decide what you like, and then buy in just a few clicks.

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Our Catalog

We are proud to present a fine collection of jewellery with thousands of pieces ranging from cheap trinkets to unique items designed for a special occasion. The FJewellery team believes that you should have the best options, no matter what you want and no matter how much you want to spend. That is why our jewellery catalogue has a wide range of both new and used bands, earrings, chains, and necklaces for you to discover. Check them all out – and if you need a particular design, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to use our connections with companies in the jewellery trade to help you.

We understand that browsing through hundreds of similar items can be tedious. Please note that the jewellery catalogue is divided into categories to make your experience much easier. The categories are listed above for you to browse – our items are sorted mostly by type, allowing you to browse a specific type of ring or pendant. However, there is also an option to browse used items separately or sort them by occasion to find the perfect birthday or graduation gift.

Our selection includes:

  • wedding rings for men and women – a powerful symbol of love, these beautiful rings range from inexpensive ones £125 to extremely delicate pearls-encrusted models;
  • engagement rings – in platinum or different types of gold and encrusted with diamonds, our bridal rings serve as an elegant way to demonstrate commitment;
  • seal rings – a traditional UK jewellery, massive golden bands with intricate engravings may become a nice gift since they are suitable for any occasion, including a child’s christening;
  • figure chains – a classic accessory worn around a neck or wrist, these chains look stylish, and the sterling silver models cost £25;
  • crucifix pendants – they serve as a humble symbol of faith, a great gift idea.

Our jewellery varies in appearance and size – read the corresponding descriptions. They come with high-definition images that can help you imagine what they would look like in real life. The most important characteristics are listed next to these images, along with price and information about the metal used to make the product. If you are not satisfied, there is a list of related products below the description. Go to Trends to see what people are buying.

Jewelry for HimJewelry for Him

For Him

If you need a gift for a man, check out our selection of essentials – or go straight to luxury items if the price is not a problem. Rings are by far the most popular jewellery worn by men, so be sure to appreciate them. We offer massive rings that scream prestige, as well as slim, elegant silver models, so there is a model for every taste. Signature rings are especially impressive while being budget-friendly. We also have silver bracelets and chains that start at £35.

For Her

Jewellery for women is much more diverse. Earrings are the most popular option, and we have them in many shapes, including studs, drops, and hoops. We also have a large variety of necklaces, including heart and name pendants, which are the perfect small gift for a girlfriend or wife. Of course, we also have premium items in our catalogue. If you are looking for something special, check out the white gold diamond encrusted earrings or the yellow gold rosary necklace, which is sold at an interesting price and will be a great fashion accessory.

For Kids

The catalogue features a variety of items for kids as well. Check out our gold children's bracelets in various shapes, including boxing gloves or spanners. You can get one of these for £85, a present to suit every holiday. Browse adorable bracelets and little cubic zirconia signet rings that could be your child's very first pieces of jewellery. If premium jewellery is what you want for your baby, a traditional golden bracelet with a tiny charm is the perfect answer to your request.

Bracelets for KidsBracelets for Kids

Expanding Horizons

Once you have selected the items you want, the purchase is easy: add items to your cart, and then choose a payment method. Please note that almost every item is the subject of our sales, so there is always the opportunity to purchase whatever you want at a unique price. At FJewellery we are passionately working to expand our catalogue. If you want to get rid of an old thing – bring it in, we will repair it and find new owners.