Men's Belcher Bracelets

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If you want to bring classic chic to your everyday look, then the mens belcher bracelet is an attribute that you literally need! It exquisitely combines contemporary elegance and traditional luxury, which is inherent in most gents accessories, and this is exactly what complements any stylish look. Are you already interested in buying one for yourself? Then we invite you to the FJewellery store! On the pages of our online catalogue you will find the most diverse assortment of such decorations at the best prices on the market! Join now and buy the best for yourself! Welcome!

Weaving features

Belcher is a unique and very common type of knitting, in which links (round or oval) are perpendicular to each other and form a strong and unusual pattern. Each link is securely sealed and is a solid metal circle - such a chain is literally impossible to break or deform, from which weaving is considered one of the most reliable, among others. This design belongs to anchor knitting and is considered one of its subspecies. Other popular names: Rollo or Chopard.

Difference in metals

The style of belcher weaving comes in a variety of metals, but the most popular choices are, of course, traditional gold, available in 9 and 14 carat alloys, and plain yet sophisticated sterling silver. Both minerals have sufficient strength and wear resistance, are well combined with different types of precious stones and are easy to clean - ideal for male decorations, designed for constant wear. Additionally, among the advantages of gold, one can single out a wide colour palette - the shade of the metal can be chosen literally for every taste, which will harmoniously complement your personal collection without going beyond the tones you are used to.


The correct size of the bracelet is the main guarantee of buying the perfect accessory - the safety of the product and your personal comfort depend on it. Any decoration for guys worn on wrist shouldn't fit too tightly or squeeze the hand. At the same time, the bracelet shouldn't be too loose so as not to fly off the hand. Experts call the optimal length of the bracelet for him the range from 6.5 to 9 inches, but this issue should still be approached individually. It's believed that the ideal length of such jewellery should be slightly larger than the circumference of the wrist, so that a finger can fit between the hand and the bracelet.

Combination with other accessories

The boys belcher bracelet is a versatile piece that looks great on its own or paired with other pieces of jewelry. If you don't know what can be a good addition to your chosen bracelet model, we advise you to study other products and their pictures on our website. We sell stylish and original accessories for every taste and style, such as:

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