Second Hand Bracelets

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If you are looking for a piece of beautiful jewellery that will complete the look, then you should pay attention to bracelets. They can be female, mens and for children. And they give each group their pleasure. For women, this is an elegant accessory that is always in the jewellery box. For men - a stylish completion of the look. For a child - the first preloved decoration. The perfect way to buy a beautiful item is to find something unique from second hand bracelets. The FJewellery online shop offers a huge assortment of beautiful jewellery.

Used bracelets

Why should you choose 2nd hand jewellery?

There are many reasons for this choice. Here are a few of them:

  • These things are different from the jewellery in the new collections. Vintage things look very stylish! In addition, you expand your search by looking into sections with used bracelets. There is no identical design here, everything is very individual.
  • Their cost is 30…60% lower than that of the same weight product. When such a piece of jewellery enters our shop, our jewellers clean it, evaluate it and put it up for sale.
  • By choosing pre owned bracelets, you are contributing to the sustainability movement. It's no secret that mining metal and gemstone, and creating an alloy and jewellery require a huge amount of resources. In addition, in countries where mining takes place, human rights are still being violated.
  • Things with history have their touch of charm. Such jewellery has every chance of becoming pre loved in your jewellery collection. And it's not just about bracelets. Here you can find secondhand diamond stud earrings or plain crosses, etc. The choice is huge!

How to choose a bracelet?

It’s worth starting with the fact that there are three categories of products:

  • For men. More massive, creating a feeling of pleasant heaviness. They look cool and complete the look perfectly.
  • For her. More gentle, airy models.
  • Children's jewellery. These can be lightweight models of the smallest size, which are nevertheless quite durable.

Bracelets can be made from different materials:

  • Yellow, rose or white gold or combinations of materials, coated and uncoated.
  • Silver pieces.
  • With or without gemstones (diamonds, ruby, zirconium and others, or a combination of several). They may have different cuts.
  • Especially popular: oval, princess, round brilliant cut, etc.

There is a variety of bracelets styles:

  • Tennis. A classic that is still popular today. It is a bracelet assembled from platforms of different sizes, inlaid with gemstones.
  • Charm bracelets are one of the most popular gifts for kids, teens and moms for any occasion. Such jewellery is very individual because it allows you to assemble your design from various charms.
  • Bangle. Beautiful solid metal bracelet. It looks especially beautiful if you buy several pieces of jewellery of a similar style and wear them on your wrist at the same time.
  • Cuff. This is a metal plate that can be of any width. As a rule, it has a gap, with the help of which the to wear process is greatly facilitated. Designs can leave it undecorated or encrusted with gemstones.
  • Chain bracelets. A large jewellery group. All types of chain weaving are represented here, for example, popular belcher or anchor chains. Links in the chain can be notched and then you get the most lustre jewellery even without gemstones.

We are confident that you will be able to choose the perfect gift for a loved one or yourself from the variety of models presented in the FJewellery online shop. If you still have doubts or need help, our concierge will always help you!