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In the contemporary world, jewelry trends are changing rapidly, and accessories are an integral part of stylish images - they reflect the character and spirit of their owner, his hobbies, moods and tastes. So that FJewellery customers can always stay on the fashion wave, we have put together a collection of the brightest and most extraordinary products - stainless steel bracelets! These attributes not only reflect the spirit of our time, but also emphasise the individuality of a person in an original way - what contemporary boys and girls need to make themselves known! In our assortment you will find a wide variety of models, and you can buy them at the best price. Join now and create your updated and bold style with us! Welcome!

Design features and varieties

Since ancient times, people have used decorations to showcase their status or position in society. It's noteworthy that in ancient times, jewellery was an exclusively male privilege and was considered a reflection of courage and bravery. According to ancient custom, only famous warriors, priests or tribal leaders could decorate themselves. Among the first types of accessories that appeared were bracelets - in those days they were made from the simplest materials at hand, and they were extremely massive and heavy. Everything that could be found was used:

  • rocks and wood;
  • clay and glass;
  • bones and skin of animals;
  • and so on.

A little later, mankind learned to extract and process iron, and this happened even earlier than the processing of precious metals, and therefore we can safely say that contemporary bracelets made of stainless steel are a tribute to ancient traditions.

There are several varieties of such decorations, and the most popular type is the steel chain bracelet. Large links, coarse knitting, original weaves - such accessories look spectacular on the wrist and attract attention. For a long time, it was believed that they are exclusively mens attributes, but in recent years, girls have begun to actively introduce them into their images, skillfully playing on the dissonance of shapes, textures and materials, thus getting very bold and original sets. In the FJewellery catalogue, such models are presented in several variations, including:

  • a link in a classic shade of silver;
  • elements with blackening;
  • gold-plated options;
  • mixes of various colours.

We also have models available in several popular sizes, with different thicknesses and volumes of links, from the smallest to the largest within 22mm or more. When choosing the right size, the way you want to wear the bracelet plays a role - as a stand-alone accessory or create a layered kit. In the first case, chunky products look better and models with additional thematic elements are more appropriate. For a mix, it's better to pick up a slightly thinner option so that it looks organic in combination with other elements of the set.

Another popular design of such accessories is considered to be a combination of thick genuine leather and stainless steel - a daring and stylish mix takes us back to the times when ancestors made decorations from materials that were most accessible in their environment. The basis for such bracelets, as a rule, is high-quality black leather, and thematic decor made of stainless steel in a traditional silver hue gives originality - this is a classic that is always relevant. For lovers of brighter and more saturated colours, models that use red, dark blue or even white leather are more suitable - this is no longer a classic, but the uniqueness and exclusivity of your image is guaranteed! Combinations of different shades will allow you to more accurately match the jewellery to your wardrobe and make it as personalized as possible.

The next trending design of steel bracelets is based on a jewellery cord - it can be of different colours and types of weaving. Such models look gentler and neater on the hand and are more suitable for a female audience. A separate advantage for her in such an accessory is the ability to adjust the size depending on the thickness of the wrist - this is available if you select a model with an adjustable clasp. It's also worth adding their very modest cost to the piggy bank of the advantages of such products, which allows you to purchase several different models at once for various occasions.

Agree, this is a very cool and really cheap way to diversify your wardrobe!
The last category of stainless-steel designs is the well-known bangles - the material looks great at the base of these stylish and unusual hard bracelets, adding even more aggressive attractiveness and making them truly unique. You can see for yourself - just take a look at the pictures of these gorgeous models on our website, and you will fall in love with them instantly!

And for those who like to collect one-piece themed precious sets, in our shop there are many accessories suitable for combination with steel bangles and large chain bracelets, such as these:

Visit the FJewellery website and find even more stylish and fashionable decorations for your looks! Waiting for you!