Women's Bracelets

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A beautiful piece of jewellery can work wonders, and the right accessory will not only complement your look but will also lift your spirits. This is a versatile piece of valuable clothing suitable for ladies of all ages. The accessory draws attention to the hands, making them more graceful and the image as a whole more expressive. The FJewellery online shop offers a huge assortment of beautiful bracelets for women. Each of these models is gorgeous. And the attractive price will allow you to gather your own collection of such cute little things.

Women's BraceletsWomen's Bracelets

What kinds of bracelets are there?

Each designer offers a different way of choosing a fine accessory. As a result, women have to choose jewellery that is most harmonious with their looks. Below you will find the most comprehensive guide to the bracelets that can be found on sale:

  • Chains. In Victorian times, a man would give his future wife two chains, one on each arm. She would wear first of it before the wedding and second afterwards. Today, it is probably the most popular option. The piece consists of metal chain link securely linked together. There are a variety of chain weaving types to choose from. Among them, carb weave with oval links is particularly popular, as are box weave, wheat weave, and rope weave. The  band can be embellished with jewels as well as with incisions, which give the piece extra sparkle.
  • With pearls. In the time of Julius Caesar, there was a law forbidding the wearing of such valuables by commoners. Today, unusual jewellery can be used to create unique looks for every lady. Moreover, judging from the latest fashion shows, 2023 will be the year of pearls. To be on trend, you just have to have value with this gemstone. Pearl bracelets look very delicate and cute. The classic version is a strand of pearls with knots between the beads for extra security. The colour palette is striking. It can be the popular shade of ivory, pink pearls, black, copper, champagne, golden, greenish, etc. Such an accessory looks very stylish.
  • At the dawn of civilization, they were made from terracotta, wood, and stone. Today, you can find products made from precious metals and alloys, cheap wood, and other materials on the market. They are sturdy, unbending, cool bracelets without clasps. They can be opened and closed. In the former case, metal balls or jewels are visible at the ends of the lancets. In the latest, you can choose the correct gem and use it like a charm. In either version, it looks very stylish. You can wear it solo or as part of a multi-layered composition.
  • Tennis. They are thought to have gotten their name from Chris Evert, who lost his diamond bracelet while playing tennis. Since then, the type of thin accessory, in which expensive diamonds (or other precious minerals) are of the same colour and sizeі and follow each other, has been called a tennis bracelet. This value is timeless and gender-blind. It is luxury in pure view.
  • With pendants or charms. These jewellery pieces look really nice. They are chains, usually not very wide, on which pendants are strung. The pendants can be attached or free-hung. The first option is more practical, as the pendants do not converge at one point. Therefore, they are clearly visible and evenly distributed on the arm. In the past, this option was somewhat girly. Today, such an accessory can be found in adult collections for female. Either way, they look very cute and attractive.
  • Made from beads. Originally, such hand beads were assembled from bones, shells, and wooden beads. Today, it can be beads made of precious and semi-precious stones, as well as different materials. For example, you can see a model with a gold or silver bead, and next to it will be ornamental stones or wooden beads. It looks very authentic. They can have different shapes. It can be something with an elastic band, a sturdy frame, with or without a lock, or single or multi-row.
  • Cuffs. It's hard to imagine that this form of jewellery is over 7,000 years old. First used to show status and protect the hands, they are now successfully used to create confident, stylish looks. A large cuff bracelet can be made entirely from metal, clay, glass, or plastic. Like many years ago, this accessory looks very pretty. They can be thin or quite chunky.
  • From leather. One of the most interesting shapes. Surprisingly, they only get better with time. They can be thin or wide, in the form of a braid, cuff, single-row, or multi-row design. It is not uncommon to see an all-leather accessory with a precious metal clasp and a gold, silver, or gemstone element.
  • With one gemstone. They originated as talismans, and today the demand for them is undiminished. Such jewellery should have one main mineral (usually in the centre of the composition). It should be the birthstone or whatever mineral you like best. It can be surrounded by beads or be a single composition. This is a great way to personalized your gift.
  • An affirmation bracelet. An affirmation is a phrase or word that is repeated with a certain meaning. Prayers that monks repeat during meditation are also called affirmations. These are  accessories that have an inscription or a place for the inscription. It can be a single word or a whole sentence. It can be a precious metal plate on a leather cord, a precious metal chain or a cuff. Any of these options look casual and stylish.
  • Multi-layered compositions. A great way to save time and look flawless. On the one hand, it's a ready-made jewellery piece that you can put on and forget about. On the other hand, it is a ready-made design solution in which all the elements are balanced. It's the best option for those who don't want to waste time choosing an accessory. Simply pick it up and wear it.
  • With a chain on the finger. This value is traditional in Indian culture. This is a chain of great length, sometimes decorated with gemstones, that wraps around the wrist. A thin chain extends from the central part and wraps around the middle finger like a ring. A unique piece of jewellery that every princess deserves to wear.
  • Friendship. They were made in China for more than 200 years before Christ. Today, it is also an extremely popular gift for gf. Traditionally, it is woven from multicoloured threads. But today it can be a bracelet with a heart, a puzzle, or elements that are part of a whole. As a standalone piece, they also look interesting.
  • Accessory on the ankle. Amazingly, the first such jewellery was worn by Mesopotamian women as long ago as 8,000 years ago. This is a separate category of valuable that looks amazing and is very dainty. It is usually a chain with trinkets. They look airy and very delicate on a woman's ankle. It can make a great gift for a young lady of any age, such as a daughter or sister-in-law.

Bracelets for HerBracelets for Her

You can also find products made from various materials on sale, including:

  • Slap bracelets designed by a Wisconsin teacher;
  • Kandy, which have a special meaningful for rave fans;
  • Hololith bijouterie made from a single piece of semi-precious stone.

What clasps can be on bracelets?

This is the element that is responsible for the security and comfort of wearing the jewellery. There are quite a few, but we will only describe the most popular ones:

  • Bolt ring. A simple enough spring mechanism has made this fixing method very popular. It looks like a ring with a spring mechanism in the middle. Pressing the lever opens a slot through which a ring can be slipped onto the opposite side.
  • The lobster claw is considered the most comfortable of all clasps. It really looks like a lobster claw. The simple lever mechanism ensures ease of use and comfort when clasping.
  • Magnetic. As the name suggests, it is a clasp that works with a magnet. As soon as the two ends are close to each other, it closes.
  • Box. A mechanism that consists of two parts: the tab and the box. The lock is quite secure and helps you quickly put on and take off your jewelry.
  • Hook. They are shaped like hooks, hence the name. This is the simplest design. However, it is quite robust. The hook simply clips onto the ring at the other end of the bracelet.
  • Toggle. Another option is a simple clasp. Instead of a ring, there is a crossbar that is threaded into the ring on the other side. Simple and neat.
  • Folding. Quite a few vintage pieces have this kind of spring clasp. It can be found on both bracelets and necklaces.

The Best Shapes

If you're a lover of capsule wardrobes and hate packing at the last minute, we've compiled a list of the most popular accessories that are a must-have in your wardrobe. Here are our favourites: 

  • Made of precious metals. It can be something in gold, silver, or platinum. The jewellery can be any type of weave. The main thing is that you like it. Something airy or solid—take your pick. This option goes with almost any look, whether you're heading to a party or to work.
  • With a single mineral. It can be your birthstone or any other mineral that you like and find inspiring. Looks beautiful and stylish in any casual look.
  • Tennis. It's certainly a great gift for the woman you love for a wedding anniversary or any other celebration.
  • With pendants. It's really cute. This is one of the most popular accessories given to sisters, but it doesn't have to be. The special thing about this jewellery is that the charms can be changed often, creating a completely different mood.
  • A bar bracelet (or affirmation). Stylish bracelets for her. A gold or silver chain with a plaque that can have a name, initials, any word (such as "love" or "faith") or just be a plaque with no inscription. This model is very stylish and popular with our customers.

Bracelets WomenBracelets Women

Criteria for choosing a bracelet for ladies

Pictures and videos may not always help you find the perfect accessory. We suggest choosing the best option based on the following parameters:

  • Wrist size and hand proportions. For example, if you have a thick wrist, look for bracelets with complex designs that are not very large. If the wrist is little, you can choose large and wide decorations. Harmony is very important. Ladies with wide palms should pay attention to variants of medium thickness, as very thin models may get lost, and big models will add weight.
  • Skin tone. It's more about the choice of materials. Owners of warm-toned skin should choose jewellery in warm shades: yellow and rose gold, brown or black leather, and warm-coloured minerals. Women with a cool undertone should look for white gold, silver, or platinum and be valuable with a cool palette.
  • According to the style you prefer in your clothes. This is an important indicator. You can choose the most expensive and gorgeous bracelet, but it won't match your style. Choose what best reflects your character and fits your casual or formal clothing.

Online shopping is particularly popular today. The FJewellery online shop offers a wide range of values. Here you can buy womens bracelets in any style, as well as stylish CZ halo rings, minimalistic initial pendants, and flawless sapphire drop earrings. You're always welcome here. A handy catalogue, gorgeous jewellery from new collections and vintage pieces, attractive costs, and a concierge who is always in touch make shopping convenient and enjoyable.