Second Hand Brooches

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A beautiful and elegant brooch is one of the most underrated accessories. They help create any looks, attract attention, and show the mood. Vintage things can be found in this section, which contains the best second hand brooches. In addition, the FJewellery online shop offers a large selection of vintage jewellery for all occasions.

Features used brooches

Brooches are accessories worn on clothes (for example, a shirt) or a headdress. It can also be used to connect two pieces of clothing. They have gone a long way from the ancient Greeks and Romans (fibula) to beautiful works of jewelry art.

Pre owned brooches are all about brilliance and splendour. Here you can find a variety of pieces. As a rule, they are all made of precious metals. Most often, you can see in the catalogue brooches from:

Models can be encrusted with precious stones (including diamonds) or without them. In the second case, everything is decided by design. But, again, clear and concise forms will emphasise the style and sense of taste.

Second Hand Brooches

There is an opinion that jewellery with the prefix "secondhand" is something that has a flaw. In fact, the main disadvantage (or advantage) is that it was already someone's pre-loved accessory. Before selling vintage products, our jewellers carefully clean them from contamination. Therefore, you get a new item at a very attractive price. In the jewellery world, it is so accepted that 2ng hand products are sold somewhat cheaper than goods of the same weight from the new collection.

How to choose and buy a brooch?

It is essential to choose with your heart. Such unusual items are not subject to traditional evaluation criteria. The only thing to remember is to be guided by what the person you are looking for a gift loves. Try to pick something close to style. Although, often, something very original becomes the most preloved gift for her.

The FJewellery online shop offers a wide assortment of vintage and new collections. Our team does everything so that you can find the perfect gift or the best jewellery for yourself. In addition to brooches, you can also find for sale:

High-quality pictures and descriptions can help you make a choice. Also, our concierge is always ready to help. Just call for a consultation!

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