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Ankh Crosses

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A very powerful sacred symbol is the Egyptian cross ankh. It represents two crossed lines. The top end is in the form of a loop. The cross and the circle, which are combined in the talisman, individually signify life and eternity and together signify immortality. Buying a piece of jewellery should be well thought out because it holds incredible power. You can buy it on our FJewellery website.

History of origin

The pictures of this amulet has been applied on many items of Pharaohs and noble Egyptians. In the form of this original item, temples and buildings were built in Ancient Egypt. It is also often called the loop of life or the key, as it signifies eternal life. Ankh adorned the pharaohs both during their lifetime and after death. It signified the unshakable power of the ruler. It could only be worn by the worthy and wealthy, who had the right to immortality.

Jewelry has been used to cure serious illnesses. There is evidence that the amulet was used to perform magical rituals. Every religion has started to use similar talismans. Christians also regard the talisman as a symbol of immortality, while Muslims regard it as a symbol of the cunning that Allah possesses. Therefore, amulets permitted by Allah do not contain the image of the cross.


Ankh – Egyptian-model jewellery in the shape of letter T crowned with a loop (tau with a loop on the end), also called the key of the Nile, and symbolises creativity. This cross forms the basis of the plan of the cathedrals. The egyptian cross ankh, combining male and female symbols, represents the unity of both sexes, the union of Heaven and Earth, charm, immortality, “the time that will come”, hidden wisdom, the key to the secrets and knowledge.

It is also assumed that such style item symbolises the Tree of Life: the oval represents eternity, and the extension of the jewellery in length and width represents irresistible space. It is possible that it also symbolises the sun rising over the horizon. In Egypt, jewellery’s definition is life, union, immortality and health.

The symbol and attribute of all eternally living deities. The combination of a circle and a cross is a symbol of initiation, a second birth. In the letter, ANKh is a hieroglyph meaning life. According to Egyptian symbolism and beliefs, it gives longevity, eternal health and therefore a long and happy life. It is the key to opening the gates of paradise to other worlds and to union with God. It gives energy balance, removes causes of illness and fatigue.

  1. The silver amulet has several interpretations.
  2. In ancient times, they believed in rebirth, so the ancient egyptian cross with a noose began to define immortality.
  3. The talisman signifies the union of a man and a woman - Osiris and Isis, giving birth to all life.
  4. The Ankh form combines part earthly and part divine.
  5. According to some legends, an amulet containing silver or gold opens the door to the world of paranormal powers.

How was it used?

The ancient inhabitants of the Earth believed that jewellery carried dead people to the netherworld and brought them back to life with Christ. The magical properties of Ankhs also determined the dawn and the white streak in life, so those who learned a new craft, expected to give birth to children, set off on a journey, put the amulet on the lace and humbly surrendered their destiny to the will of the Almighty. After the death of the pharaohs, the mystical object was placed in a tomb - the soul used the power of the object and continued to live on in the afterlife.

Years of study of ancient writings allowed scientists and esotericisms to assume that the bronze Ankh or buckle rings for sale, which it is possible to order from our FJewellery assortment, were used for successful childbearing and quick childbirth. The jewellery denoted the phallus, and the loop was associated with the woman's womb. During the act of conception, women put it under the pillow, a method that has helped those of the female sex who have been unable to conceive for a long time.

As a result, it was possible to achieve harmony in the combination of female and male energy, the continuation of life being the main goal.

Why would the modern person buy this jewellery?

Not everyone would be able to wear it with a necklace. The power of this item is too great. It directly affects the energy of a person.

After one purchase or double, you should wear it for a few hours and monitor your well-being. Feel good and full of energy - a sign that the amulet is right for you.

In our store, you can buy this strong amulet at an attractive cost with a variety of designs. We sell talismans in the form of neck hamsa pendants. With their help, you can restore strength, bring your energy into harmony, prevent illness and protect against the evil eye.

The appearance of the product is shown in the photo. It has the classic Ankh cross shape and is made of 925 Sterling Silver. The product is delivered to many cities.

Who can I give this gift to?

It is customary to give an amulet consisting of a mysterious cross with loop to:

  1. Philosophers and thinkers;
  2. Students and those who are developing in different fields of work;
  3. Young women to improve women's health, as preparation for childbirth;
  4. Mystics, magicians and sorcerers, clairvoyants with extraordinary powers;
  5. Those who suffer from phobias and fears;
  6. If a gifted person often asks the question "What happens after death?
  7. Get rid of the hustle and bustle at home;
  8. To expose enemies, fraudsters, dishonest business partners.

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