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Russian Crosses

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When preparing for the sacrament of baptism or planning to buy a precious gift, many people wonder what a Russian cross should look like. When a jewellery shop's catalogue F jewellery offers a large selection of all kinds of religious jewelery, it is difficult to know by what criteria to choose the right accessory.

Strict canons and a variety of forms

You can only be guided by questions of beauty and style when you perceive the cross as an ordinary piece of jewellery. The Russian cross pendant as a symbol of faith must comply with the canons. In Orthodoxy, it is believed that a cross of any shape is suitable. It is better to approach choice consciously. There are quite strict criteria for the appearance of religious accessories and their meaning.

The material of your creed is not important. Even jewellery made of wood or copper can be worn during baptism. The modern model and replica of antique jewellery allow everyone to choose a cross to their liking and at a better price. You can choose a cross or cocktail rings from the pictures on the website.

The cross can be four-pointed, six-pointed, seven-pointed or eight-pointed according to the number of rays:

  1. The four-pointed creed appeared in the 3rd century; it is still considered acceptable by the Orthodox. In the Greek species, crosshairs are of equal length; in Latin, the upright is longer than the cross.
  2. The six-pointed cross is the Russian Orthodox. It has a bottom bar but no top bar. Such a symbol is not very popular now.
  3. The seven-pointed crucifix is a rare phenomenon for modern Orthodoxy. You can see it in photos of preserved old temples.
  4. The eight-pointed crucifix is the most common type of decoration. The crucifix has three beams: a small upper one, a middle one and a lower one. According to spiritual sources, when Christ carried the cross, it was four-pointed; a foot appeared before the crucifix and a headboard afterwards.

What other features should an Orthodox pectoral cross have?

Whatever jewellery or fancy earrings you intend to order in our F jewellery store catalogue, there is a crucifix on the front side and an engraving of 'Save and Protect' on the inside. There are wearable icons that can look like tear-shaped crosses. These accessories are also a symbol of the Orthodox faith, but they do not replace the crucifix on the body. The main difference between the Orthodox cross and the Catholic cross is the pose of the Saviour on the crucifix. In the Orthodox tradition, for the image of the risen Christ, while the moment of execution is depicted on Catholic jewellery, the image of Christ is more natural and may look as if sagging in his arms.

The style of the Christian cross for sale is going to be central to the Orthodox faith. The classic Orthodox cross with its characteristic design is known as the Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Greek and Byzantine. In the assortment of cheap Orthodox crosses and bracelets with gemstone or necklace in the F jewellery store to buy, we offer wearable crosses for children, women and men and crucifix crosses in pink gold or a combination of 585 pink and white gold or 925 sterling silver at an affordable cost.

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