Women's Crosses

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Since ancient times, crosses for women have been more than just beautiful jewellery made by skilled craftsmen. In the Christian religion, it is a symbol of faith. In the Christian religion, it is a symbol of faith. It has always been believed that the pectoral cross is a powerful amulet designed to protect people from external negative influences, evil forces, illnesses and the evil eye. You can buy it in the F jewellery online shop.

A woman's cross - a symbol of faith

The most common Orthodox crosses are:

  1. Eight-pointed.
  2. Six-pointed.
  3. Four-pointed.
  4. Teardrop-shaped.
  5. Trefoil cross.

They can be laconic, austere, with minimal decor or sophisticated, graceful, richly decorated. The crosses must be consecrated in order to give them a sacred power that protects the soul and body. They are worn under clothing.

The cross is a symbol of faith, which in recent times has become not only a religious attribute but also a beautiful decoration, very popular among both women and men. Moreover, a gift given to a child for a christening is an irreplaceable amulet in Orthodox culture. According to folk beliefs, it is not only a symbol of faith but also a powerful protection.

Jewellery always reflects the character of its wearer; it is the final, but the important finishing touch to the whole picture. These are not just accessories, but rather bright “highlights” that express the wearer's individuality. Even the most demanding customers will be delighted by their selection. Today, women's jewellery stores offer a wide range of goods. We will be happy to help you navigate and make a choice in this variety of offers, including Russian style bracelets.


Gold 585 for sale is an alloy, in which 58.5% of the precious metal is alloyed. It is known for its particular hardness, strength and ductility. Fans of “pure” metal consider it a sign of wealth and luxury. Jewellery made of it is the most practical to wear. In addition, the material's composition makes it particularly suitable for different production techniques such as weaving, laser welding and blowing. Today, thanks to this, unique rings, ladies cross pendants, earrings, necklace, church utensils, pins, tie clips, fancy pendants and much more are created. When it comes to externally marked features, they do not lose their lustre and blend in with other metals.

Stylish attribute

In addition, today's jewellery industry offers a diverse selection of beautiful women's items that serve more as decoration than as a spiritual symbol. The unusual crucifix-free womens crosses, attracting attention with a bright design, can be worn over clothing. They are appropriate for an evening out and play the role of an expressive accent in the image.

Pectoral jewellery to order has long been considered a symbol of the Orthodox faith, but for most women, it is also an original piece of jewellery. Jewellers and designers are well aware of this weakness of the fair sex, which is why you can find the best and most exclusive models in the catalogue of our website. Women prefer to wear precious stone-encrusted and inlaid accessories over their clothes, making jewellery the most popular piece of jewellery for a long time.

In the F jewellery shop, you can choose and buy cheap women's crosses in precious metals, silver and gold, inlaid with precious and semi-precious stones, of various shapes and sizes.

Our assortment

Our assortment is constantly being updated with the latest fashions, which you can already order and buy, becoming the owner of a unique small or large accessory. When choosing a gift for a woman at an affordable cost, do not forget about style. A flamboyant model with bright stones is unlikely to be appropriate for a business look and simple cross jewellery for women in front of a luxurious evening gown is unlikely to be remembered afterwards.

The choice of a gold cross female should be taken seriously since this piece of jewelry will be as loyal companion as a wedding ring. A gemstone-encrusted accessory, such as sparkling diamonds, mesmerising sapphires or crimson rubies, could be a better gift for her. Elegant models are distinguished by their laconicism and restraint, but they are an invariable attribute of christenings.

There are no particular restrictions on the shape of the crosses. You can buy a beautiful shimmering accessory in white gold, a classic model in yellow precious metal or opt for a combined version. A gift in the form of a cross symbolises caring, as the jewellery will become a trusted amulet for its wearer in the future. The distinctive feminine accessory has a special sacred meaning and the original designs are capable of pleasing the most sophisticated fashionista.

Women's crosses are a sincere and symbolic gift, a great way to show your attention and care for your loved one. At F jewellery shop, you will easily make the right choice for a gift or byzantine chains. You will be pleasantly surprised by the price for a women's gift.