Second Hand Cufflinks

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The devil is in the details, and cufflinks are the detail that turns any male look into an elegant and stylish one. Today you can see many models in modern collections. Still, if you are a fan of the classics or want to save money on buying an expensive accessory, the FJewellery website offers a large assortment of second hand cufflinks. It's an excellent way to find an exciting option, expand your search and save money.

Cufflinks features

If it were not for the shirt, or rather, not for the history of their use, then perhaps cufflinks would never have appeared in our lives. It appeared in 1600. But they gained particular popularity only in the middle of the 19th century. For a long time, they remained the only available jewellery for men. Today they can be seen at fashion shows and swap meet. In the second case, you can find pre owned cufflinks. Vintage models win the heart with their designs.

Used Cufflinks

The cufflink consists of two platforms (front and back) and a connecting element. If we talk about jewelry, they can be gold (pink, white or yellow gold), silver or platinum. The front part is decorated with gemstones, engraving, enamel, or another way. There are four attachment mechanisms for accessories:

  • Rotating mechanism. One of the most convenient and popular options.
  • Screw clasp. You should have little skill in dressing it. Very reliable construction.
  • Two platforms on a chain.
  • Fixed structure.

To wear cufflinks, you need a shirt with unique cuffs - French. Long cuffs can be double and single. There are also two types of folding cuffs.

How to buy the best gift for a man?

Cufflinks are synonymous with style and impeccable taste. Men wear them on the most solemn occasions. They can become a gentleman's calling card. They are also the perfect gift for him. On the market, you can find:

  • New models. Expensive, made in the spirit of the times, with comic book characters, gems, engraving, etc.
  • Used cufflinks. Elegant little things, often in a single copy. The uniqueness of 2ng hand products is that with the same weight, for example, gold cufflinks, the price of such a thing will be 30 ... 60% cheaper than a new one. Exquisite style and quality craft often make it preloved among accessories.

Second Hand Cufflinks

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