Second Hand Gold Bangles

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If you are looking for a bright, unusual and inexpensive present for your loved one or best friend - then stylish second hand gold bangles will be the ideal option! Beautiful and graceful, they will perfectly complement any outfit and will be the best additions to any look for her. In the FJewellery store collection you will find a large selection of 2nd hand bracelets made of 9, 14 or 18 carat gold at really affordable prices. We invite you to explore our range right now!

How to choose an accessory

Let's start with the fact that used gold bangles are the perfect solution for those who love everything unusual and prefer to stand out from the crowd. Among them there are really original and non-standard models that will emphasize the individuality and sophisticated sense of style of their owner. There are a lot of varieties of preloved bangles - from classic to the most avant-garde, and it won't be difficult to pick up the right design.

Traditional slave bangles are the most similar in appearance and shape to those that brides in India have adorned their wrists since ancient times. But if earlier they were made of thin glass, today this is noble and sparkling gold. Such jewels look great in sets - you can buy as many various models as you like, combine and wear them with each other.

Torque bangles look original due to the open base, where at each end of the gap there is a ball or other smooth element that facilitates and speeds up putting on and taking off the accessory. These elements are often decorated with pearls, gemstones or give them interesting shapes.

Used Bangle made of GoldSecond Hand Gold Bangles

Mesh Bangles - this type of bracelets is distinguished by its flexible base, made of an elegant and fine mesh. This model is gaining more and more popularity, it looks incredibly stylish and unusual - a real highlight in your precious collection.

Expandable bangle is a chic gift option, especially if you don't know the exact size. Bracelets have a moving part, and they are worn not only on the wrists, but also lifted higher on the forearm.

Secondhand vintage bangles are especially popular among lovers of beautiful fancy ornaments and openwork decor. Such models often have inserts of coloured gems and jewelry enamel.

Among the pre loved bracelets you can find delightful engraved accessories. Funny or motivating inscriptions, declarations of love and original quotes make these decorations even more special, keeping in them pieces of warm feelings, personalities and sweet stories.

Mens bangles are no less in demand. The difference between these solid bracelets and women's models is that they are usually heavier and more massive, have a simpler design and fewer decorative details.

On the Fjewellery website, you can buy not only pre owned gold bangles, but also other used precious accessories - this is a huge assortment of exquisite jewelry, among which you will find:

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