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14ct Rose Gold Bracelets

Buy bracelets made of 14 carat rose gold cheap in store FJewellery

Yellow gold is one of the most spread shades in the jewellery market. But what if you want something equally durable but more interesting? From this perspective, 14k rose gold bracelets will suit brilliantly. Their sparkling is gorgeous, while their unique colour will exclusively emphasize the target recipient’s personality. What is more important, rose gold accessories are universal — your age and gender don’t matter at all. Let’s get to know more about rose gold bracelets with FJewellery experts!

Do You Love Rose Jewellery?

Without a doubt, a 14kt rose gold bracelet has a unique vibe that differentiates it from similar alternatives be made of yellow gold or substitute silver. Rose gold is a qualitative material for both mens’ and women’s jewellery, so there are no reasons not to fall in love with its brilliance at first sight:

  • Rose gold is included in the list of the most romantic-looking metals. Its gentle sparkling is somewhat more interesting than what traditional yellow gold offers. Its exclusive compatibility with gemstones of different size, carat weight, and colour increase its value in the market. Just check pictures online — 14 carat rose gold bracelets with rubies are stunning, the same relates to models with tanzanite and cubic zirconia.
  • The previous statement leads us to the next benefit — the romantic appeal provided by rose gold accessories is also qualitative. Its durability is extreme. The alloy magnifies with its unique colour thanks to copper components. In turn, copper differentiates with its solid inner structure, which transforms soft gold into a perfectly lasting metal.
  • Rose gold isn’t only durable. Its versatility promotes exquisite and complex designs. For instance, a 14 ct bracelet with a double chain is one of the FJewellery catalogue’s bestsellers. If you are searching for models for him that are in sale, a plain yet voluminous 14ct gold bracelet without gemstones will come in handy.
  • The versatility and compatibility of 14 karat rose gold bracelets come hand in hand. Chains without gemstone for him will work gorgeously with signets, while trace chains and rings court shape for her will highlight any rose gold bracelet. What is more important, your ensemble shouldn’t be monochrome. According to modern fashion trends, it is a completely normal practice to combine different styles of jewellery. Just check the pictures online to verify it.

14ct Rose Gold Bracelets

How to Choose the Right 14ct Rose Gold Bracelet

Once the material is defined, customers may sigh with relief — rose gold is suitable to wear from a long-term perspective. However, surfing through the assortment of these accessories, please take into account the following shopping aspects too:

  • Models come in different sizes, and that is a natural thing. So one of the first tasks is to define your wrist size. It is possible to do with a tape measure or another flexible material and find out its length with a hard ruler. Using the size chart offered by our specialists, you will easily define the comfort fit. Please note particular designs have their own fit requirements. Let’s be more precise — while leather bracelets usually fit tightly, gold chain accessories are looser.
  • Find your bracelet style. Rose gold allows different manipulations for jewellers, so stick to models that fit your personality and apparel to the full.
  • If you are going to wear this design with other wrist accessories, it is important to keep the right balance. You don’t have to put a watch and a bracelet on different hands to achieve a corporate and conservative setting. The art of layering will help you sort things out.
  • Rose gold bracelets offer an incredible opportunity to buy personalized gifts, even for a child. Feel free to accompany your dedicated model with soulmate goods or pendants for wrist accessories to make the image more stunning.

All in all, there is nothing troublesome if you want to order a gorgeous 14 karat rose gold bracelet. There are plenty of designs and styles to choose from, so you should and have to listen to your heart only to make the right consideration. The cost isn’t terrific — regular discounts and promotions presented by FJewellery are a wonderful chance to enlarge your home collection of jewellery with top-notch pieces at affordable prices.

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