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Womens 14ct Gold Bracelets

Buy womens bracelets made of 14 carat gold cheap in store FJewellery

A gold bracelet is an important element of the look of a modern fashionista. This elegant accessory emphasises the delicacy and elegance of the girl's hand. At the same time, the bracelet should be strong enough and reliable. 14k gold bracelets for women fully meet these requirements. You can choose such a bracelet from the FJewellery jewellery company.

Bracelet is jewellery that came from ancient times

The history of bracelets has very deep roots. Since ancient times, they were used to protect the hand from the fangs and claws of wild animals. Products made of wood, leather, and bones, feathers served as a talisman against the evil eye and evil forces. They were first used as decoration in ancient Egypt. In Europe, bracelets became widespread only in the 17th century, when three-quarter sleeves became fashionable.

FJewellery’s jewellers offer a huge selection of gold bracelets for her and for him in a variety of styles and designs. There are hard and soft bracelets. Among the latter, there are many products made in the form of chains in a variety of weaving. Women bracelets are distinguished by sophistication and originality.

There are many types of weaving, which differ both in the shape and size of the links, as well as the way they are connected. Classic products include flat, not wide bracelets with the original weaving. They go well with a business wardrobe and evening outfits. The most popular styles of weaving bracelets for women are:

Why choose 14ct gold bracelet womens

When choosing a piece to wear on the wrist, it is important to consider the purity of the precious metal. The higher the sample, the higher the gold content in it, the more charming the jewellery looks. But high-karat gold is soft, so a piece made of it will be easily scratched and damaged. The best option for making bracelets is 14 karat gold.

 14ct Gold Bracelets For Her

An alloy with a purity of 14 ct is characterized by a fairly high content of alloying metals. They make it more solid and durable. Therefore, 14k gold ladies bracelet is the best choice for every day wear. They will retain their presentable appearance for a long time. In this case, the cost of 14 carat gold items is quite affordable.

The strength of the clasp is another important detail to consider when choosing a bracelet. After all, it is the clasp that carries the most functional load, especially if the bracelet is quite heavy. The locking mechanism must be strong enough not to lose its shape while wearing the jewellery. At the same time, it should be easy to open and have no sharp corners or notches. On women's bracelets, a clasp like:

  • bolt ring;
  • crab;
  • box, etc.

The 14kt clasps provide a secure hold on your jewellery.

Where you can profitably buy a bracelet

Today, online shops offer the most favourable conditions for the purchase of jewellery. The price there is lower than in jewellery salons. In addition, the purchase will take a minimum of your time. It is enough to choose a model from the pictures in the catalogue and place your order. The FJewellery online shop offers a wide range of jewellery in a variety of styles. In addition to 14kt gold womens bracelet, you can also choose bracelets inlaid with precious stones. You can also find in sale:

By taking advantage of the discounts offered by the permitted goods shop, you can buy jewellery here on the most favourable terms.