14ct Yellow Gold Snake Chains

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Gold chains are often used as a base for a pendant. A good basic option can be a chain made by the "snake" weaving method. 14k yellow gold snake chain can be chosen in the FJewellery online shop.

Features of the "snake" style chain

"Snake" is one of the types of shell weaving, in which small links are superimposed on each other, forming a kind of metal column. It will not scratch a woman's delicate skin, and on a man's neck, the voluminous model will look great.

To wear a chain on the neck every day, it must be strong and reliable. In this case, it is better to choose pieces made of 14-carat gold. The 14 karat alloy is quite hard and has good performance characteristics. And 14 ct gold looks very stylish, although its cost is not high.

14ct Yellow Gold Snake Chains

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