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14ct Gold Chains for Men

Buy mens chains made of 14 carat gold cheap in store FJewellery

If you are picking up a gift for your beloved man, brother or father and want to make a real surprise for him, then the best option would be a 14k gold chain for men. A beautiful and versatile accessory that looks very stylish and especially emphasizes any male outfit. Their prices vary greatly, but the most favorable ones are waiting for you in the Fjewellery online store.

The widest assortment of precious chains of any type and size is presented here, and many pleasant discounts will be an additional bonus for you. Welcome!

Jewellery with character

Today, there are many mens 14kt gold chains in various weaves. At first glance, it seems that most types of knitting are almost the same or very similar to each other, but if you look closely, you can see how unique and diverse all these designs are. Each model has its own peculiarity - some are thinner and stricter and you can wear other decorations on them, while others are more massive and self-sufficient, which don't need any additions.

The way of knitting a chain of 14 carat can radically transform its appearance. There are some that're well suited for casual clothing, and there are those that are best worn on the neck with a luxurious suit. But they are all invariably solid and durable, look expensive, and reflect a strong masculine character.

Gold men chain 14 ct

Top 5 most suitable weave chains for gents

  1. Bismarck. This is the most popular weave type among men. This method has many subspecies, but they all have a common feature - elements of different shapes are connected in one plane and strictly parallel to each other. Weaving Bismarck is one of the most ancient and is still considered the strongest - such a jewellery is almost impossible to break or damage. Ideal for people who go in for active sports and lead a busy life.
  2. Anchor. This style of knitting also has many variations, but they are all united in that they visually very much resemble a chain from a real ship anchor. Usually these are round or oval links tightly connected perpendicular to each other. But there are more original weaving options, where elements of an irregular, curved shape are used, and they twist together, forming a semblance of a dense and thick tourniquet.
  3. Armor. This method is somewhat reminiscent of an anchor, but here all the links are less voluminous and smoother, which makes such a 14ct gold chain mens very practical. Moreover, each element can have a completely different shape and size - it really looks very unusual.
  4. Foxtail. It is used to create the most voluminous and massive jewellery, and it's exclusively handmade. The details are very tightly woven with each other and provide the product with increased strength. Add to this a secure clasp and such a chain will last forever.
  5. Rhombus. Such accessory looks very minimalistic and strict, but definitely worth your attention. Here, the links in the form of a corresponding geometric figure are intertwined with several subsequent ones at once, which guarantees a high reliability of such a connection. Among men, the Double Rhombus model is also in great demand. By the way, this weaving is very beautifully combined with natural precious gemstones.

The cost of all these models will vary depending on the length and total weight. As a rule, accessories made of natural gold is never cheap, but thanks to a wide variety of weaving options, everyone will find a suitable option for themselves.

14 karat gold chains for men are in fact considered a basic accessory and go well with other jewellery. In the kit you can buy:

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