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14ct Yellow Gold Crosses

Buy crosses made of 14 carat yellow gold in store FJewellery

Today, 14k yellow gold cross is not only a symbol of sincere faith in God, but also a stylish contemporary precious accessory that suits any style of clothing and goes well with business suits, evening dresses and casual outfits. And the largest assortment of such 14 carat decorations can be found on the FJewellery website. Here you will find the most affordable prices, loyal service, as well as very favorable delivery terms and many discounts and bonuses for both new and regular customers. Waiting for you!

How to make the right choice?

There are many design options for pectoral 14 karat crosses, and every year jewelry craftsmen present more and more diverse and original models. The cost of such accessories depends on several factors:

  • the presence of precious inserts,
  • the overall size and weight of the product,
  • type of metal.

So, womens 14kt crosses are most often made small and decorated with precious gems or openwork engraving. Mens models made of 14 kt gold are much more massive and voluminous, while children's ones, on the contrary, are simple and light. These 14k crosses are most convenient to wear on chains around the neck or as a pendant on bracelets. They are also often pinned on pin and worn as brooches.

14ct Yellow Gold Crosses

A separate plus is that 14 ct yellow gold crosses go well with other jewellery. They can be easily combined and assembled into original precious sets. So, in a kit for them, you can buy:

In sale in the online catalogue FJewellery you will find the widest selection of any accessories made of 14ct yellow gold, and you can choose the ideal model with the help of detailed pictures and an accurate description of all the characteristics of the product. Enjoy the shopping!