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18ct Gold Diamond Crosses

Buy diamond crosses made of 18k gold in FJewellery online

Gold and gold jewellery are more popular than ever before. There is probably no country in the world that doesn’t know or apply this precious metal in its industrial range of services. Once it played the role of money in transactions of purchase and sale, but now it is a wonderful solution to inherit in families. If you desire to create a great tradition by giving a valuable accessory from generation to generation, then 18k gold diamond cross pendants will serve you excellently. Stay tuned with the FJewellery experts for more detail!

Benefits of Gold Diamond Cross

Without a doubt, the visual value of crosses under consideration is second to none. Our online catalogue includes several models of this type of metal. If you are seeking gifts for her, the combination of gold and diamonds is classic yet rich in style. Just check the images of this assortment online.

Pure gold in the metric system is an alloy containing 99.9% of the precious metal, while in the carat system it is 24K. But it is not recommended giving your preference to such solutions. The purer the alloy is, the less scratch-resistant, hard, and durable it is. On the contrary, low-purity compositions don’t differentiate with an extreme gloss and glitter. From this perspective, goods of eighteen carats let enthusiasts keep the balance between the way the piece looks and functions (and it seems definitely luxurious).

Correspondingly, 75% of the yellow metal in an alloy is 18ct. A higher percentage of the precious metal (or its value in carats) in the jewellery field makes it a brighter shade and increases the price.

Online Shop Assortment

When it comes to choosing 18ct gold diamond cross and chains, you can consider 18 ct gold chains as well. It is a great ensemble combination but not the only one. In additions, customers are welcome to give a try to such companions to crosses, as:

  • Diamond rings — a high degree of delicacy and elegance is guaranteed.
  • Earrings hoop models — this selection will help make your outfit airier and more casual.

Wrap It Up

Among a wide range of gemstones, diamonds are believed to be the most precious crystals. Thanks to their breathtaking beauty and attractivity, it is a perfect way to express your feelings for any occasion. Buying cheap yet gorgeous goods is affordable — feel free to visit FJewellery online and test it in practice. If you would like custom-made or unique solutions, contact our experts to check the approximate cost of the particular design.