18ct Gold Crosses

Buy crosses made of 18ct gold in FJewellery online

The cross is a well-known Christian symbol. In the form of jewellery, it is often used as a spiritual souvenir and is designed to protect the wearer from evil and misfortune. The 18ct gold cross is more than just a piece of jewellery. The interesting modern forms of FJewellery make the gold cross an attractive piece of jewellery.

18ct Gold Crosses

The offer includes timeless models in their traditional form with the image of Jesus, simple and sleek, but also fancy ones studded with various stones and unusual, often unique, patterns. Wearing a cross on a chain has a deep and special meaning for believers. The variety of designs means that everyone will find a great gift for himself or herself.

Reasons to buy crosses:

  1. 18k gold cross pendants are by far the best gift for First Communion.
  2. Giving a child precious diamond necklaces is a kind of tradition.
  3. An 18 carat gold cross is a gift for years - beautiful and valuable.
  4. Gold will not lose its value and classic jewellery will never go out of style.
  5. It can be worn at any time because it goes well with everything.

A cross will also serve as a decoration. For boys, choose a simple, classic look. For her, you can find ornate ones and even those decorated with cubic zirconia.

Girls like to wear silver or gold medallions, while boys like to wear gold crosses. It is a good idea to combine a medallion with a cross of the same precious metal and hang them on the same chain.

Another opportunity worth buying gold jewellery for is a baptism. A gold medal for baptism is not only an expression of faith and a monument to life, but also the first serious piece of jewellery. However, baptismal jewellery does not have to be traditional. The classic cross or baptismal medallion can be replaced with a small graceful angel, cubic zirconia or blue stones.

Jewellery that is fashionable to wear every day

Slim, discreet, with stones. Or vice versa - massive, rocky, suspended on a thicker chain. The sacred theme in jewellery has become a hit of the 21st century. Celebrities are wearing 18 ct gold cross for big events instead of last season's trendy chokers. The most fashionable are crosses suspended on discreet, thin chains. They're combined with bracelets belcher, a T-shirt, jeans or a long vintage dress.

Which one to buy?

Gold crosses are a popular type of chain pendants. They symbolise the Christian faith, therefore, the catalogue in our online shop has a special frame. Some models feature the text of a prayer; others have fianite or are monochrome, for connoisseurs of classic simplicity.

In the online jewellery shop, you find:

  • gold rings wedding;
  • crosses in different variations;
  • delicate, muted patterns that look great on the neck of young ladies;
  • the massive ones, often chosen by men.

We cordially invite you to view the images of gold crosses and chains that complement them.

To meet the expectations and needs of the most demanding customers, FJewellery is expanding its range with a variety of cheap, modern and unusual designs for sale. The crosses do not cost much and are made of the highest quality gold; and to make the assortment attractive, manufacturers follow the spirit of the times and create unique and modern patterns, combine different colours of raw materials, and frame beautiful stones to make the traditional models a wonderful accessory for people who appreciate a breath of modernity and extravagance at affordable prices.

A practical gift idea

A chain with a cross is a practical and luxurious gift for different important occasions. There are important religious rites in a child's life during which such a gift can be given. A baptismal cross would make a wonderful timeless souvenir that is always in fashion and worn for years. Such solid trinkets can make an original gift for a man in the form of gold crosses individually engraved, as many of the models on offer have a special place where such personalisation can be done. This added accent will make it a great keepsake for years to come.

Crosses made of 18ct Gold

The cross is not only a religious symbol, but when combined with a well-chosen chain it is a phenomenal timeless piece of jewellery and is often adorned with large, beautifully shimmering cubic zirconia, colourful gemstones, as well as precious diamonds, or exquisitely decorated with openwork or engraved jewelry. The delicate accents presented make the classic gold cross a modern design that allows people who appreciate modern, unusual style to wear it as a symbol of faith and choose the one that meets their expectations.

Gold crosses on chains are worn by women and men. Men's silver crosses are simple and traditional, while women choose more modern and sophisticated forms with precious stones. FJewellery offers a wide range of 18 karat gold crosses. Each piece here is made with the utmost care, making it perfect for a gift.