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9ct White Gold Crosses

Buy crosses made of 9ct white gold in FJewellery online

What styles of accessories would be best for her? There are plenty of potentially right answers. However, it is recommended to stop on one option at a time. If you are searching for something magnificent yet simple and plain, then 9ct white gold cross pendants are likely to become your trustworthy friends. Let’s dive into a wonderful world of these accessories together with FJewellery specialists!

What Does 9ct White Gold Cross Mean?

Overall, a nine-carat alloy consists of nine parts of pure gold and fifteen parts of additional elements. The latter could be such metals as silver, tin, nickel, zinc, palladium, and others. This composition has 37.5% of pure gold in total. Of course, there are white gold metals with a higher percentage of pure gold, but is it for the better? Here are some of the advantages of the material under consideration:

  • Gold is always alloyed with other metals since it is very soft. In turn, lower-carat compositions will be harder than, for instance, 18 ct products. As a low-purity white gold alloy, 9 ct goods are more scratch- and deformation-resistant.
  • Thanks to an increased degree of hardness, such crosses will be considerably more durable.
  • The cost is more affordable. For instance, at the FJewellery shop, there are numerous models at the sale price, so having a cheap budget isn’t a barrier to prepare a nice gift of 9ct gold cross and chains for it.

Thanks to the material’s peculiarities, craftwork easily transforms into artwork. Models possess hollow areas, tiny lines, complex forms — Orthodox crosses and other types can become absolutely astonishing.

Which Models to Buy?

There is no easy or straightforward answer to this question. Your decision-making depends not just on the overall cost, but also the general look of the piece and whether you have any allergies/preferences to metals and gemstones if any.

Besides, the final choice can be influenced by your desire to match the chosen item with other pieces. For instance, luxurious white gold pendants will highlight the eye-catching shining of rings cluster layouts. The same relates to necklaces diamond options. Professional images come in handy to visualize how great the combination is.

For those customers who would like to increase the variety of their necklaces, it is a wonderful idea to pick up a few lockets and pendants apart from the cross itself. Without a doubt, pendants initial goods will do a great job.
If you can’t find something captivating on the shop’s main catalogue page, then feel free to contact our expert team at FJewellery to get access to a richer assortment for any occasion. We are always ready to assist and help your dreams come true.