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Gold Ankh Cross

Buy ankh cross made of gold in store FJewellery

A priceless heritage remains from the mysterious culture of ancient Egypt. A gold ankh cross is a special piece of jewellery with a sacred meaning. In ancient times, only a select few could wear it, but nowadays it is available to anyone who wants to adorn their body with an unusual object. You can buy it at our FJewellery shop.


The gold egyptian cross is a crossed line. The vertical line ends in a loop. The history of its origin goes back to Ancient Egypt. The Egyptian ankh cross is an important symbol of ancient Egyptian culture. It is also called the “key of life” or the “key of the Nile.” It looks like a regular cross but with a loop on top. Archaeological excavations indicate that the Egyptians used it extensively. It was used to decorate tombs, temple walls, sarcophagi and dwellings. The ankh key was an essential attribute of the deity Anubis, the guide to the netherworld, who was pictured with the head of a jackal or a wolf. An important moment when wearing body jewellery: the part that meets the wearer's skin fills them with strength and health, while the outer part correctly attunes the universe, creating a 'protective cocoon of harmony' around the wearer. Our assortment has a variety of options for this amulet.

Ankh must be made of metal:

  • Silver (female version).
  • Gold (more suitable for men).

According to another version, the symbol denoted the union of masculinity and femininity. The talisman was used in magical rituals and ceremonies to heal and rejuvenate the body, but this was the exclusive prerogative of rulers. Ordinary people used them to decorate their homes to protect themselves from evil spirits. The place of intersection of perpendicular lines is the main place where energy is concentrated, so the wearer should be aware of this.

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Features Ankh is part of Gothic symbolism, so the wearer may be a member of that subculture. Since modern magicians actively use the Egyptian cross, it is quite possible that the person is into mysticism and esoterics. Sometimes the “key of life” is used as a talisman to attract happiness, as well as a talisman against ill-wishers.

The ankh talisman for sale and silver earrings became so popular in pre-Christian times (it guaranteed that human existence would acquire meaning not only in this world but also in the beyond).

  1. The image of the “cross of life” is well known to modern people:
  2. The horizontal bar serves as a line separating the part of existence and divine providence.
  3. The eternal circle of life is the "loop" at the top of the symbol.
  4. The model resembles a human figurine.

It is used in various spheres:

  • relieves chronic diseases (including infertility and hormonal malfunctions);
  • makes the wearer wiser and more successful, and protects from enemies.

The photo of the jewellery has no magical properties; therefore, it can be hung on the walls of the home or above the front door for decoration only.

Ankh style amulet is one of the most powerful symbols of the infinity of being to order. It can dramatically change a person's life.

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