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Gold Crucifix Crosses

Buy crucifix crosses made of gold in FJewellery online

Gold crucifix cross are a gorgeous and luxurious way to show off your faith in modern style. If you are waiting for sale only to get precious items at the desired cost, FJewellery is ready to solve this issue, regardless of the season upcoming. Our online shop offers a qualitative assortment of divergent designs and styles to match your personal preferences and objectives.

This time, we would like to attract your attention to important aspects of shopping for a gold cross with Jesus on it to ensure you haven’t done any mistakes. Let’s get our journey to discover how to buy crucified jewellery started!

Typology of Crosses

People often underestimate how unique the meaning of this or that cross design can be. However, if you are going to purchase such a gift for believers, it is essential to check whether the chosen type of cross will work. While some layouts function as a pure Christian faith symbolization, others turn out to be a more ornamental product in their nature.

Overall, the kind of design influences its design, so beginners are welcome to use these little signs to define whether the images under consideration are better to select or avoid:

  • Orthodox — this type of faith symbol differentiates with three cross beams. It is a frequent occasion when there is a letter engraving on the pendant. If you see abbreviations like XC or IC, you are looking at the orthodox cross. The first letter phrase refers to the Christ name, while IC has the same meaning and value, but the information is based on the Greek alphabet. Gold templates are most popular in this case, so interested parties will achieve marvelous ensembles for everyday wear by combining this option with gold chains for her.
  • Greek — this format involves two crossed lines that have equal sides. If you are looking for a cross for men, it is the best option to go for. Thanks to its simplicity and minimalism, it won’t disturb the eye with unnecessary decorations. By surfing within the FJewellery online catalogue, customers are benefited from unusual visualizations of the ancient shape.
  • Crucifix — this format is similar to the Greek cross with two differences in the layout. Firstly, the dimensions of the cross sides aren’t equal to each other. Secondly, as you can guess from the name itself, this model contains a crucifix. Such pendants are released in several metals, and even the insertion with gemstones may take place. Apart from purely gold solutions, there are models made of sterling silver, white gold, two-tone units of gold and silver or gold and platinum, etc. Such a style will work for customers who are considering non-traditional metals. For example, a silver crucifix cross will contribute to the beauty of rings five stone layouts undoubtedly. Please note crucifix pendants are embraced by numerous Christians.
  • Celtic — this design will help enthusiasts to stay n the safe side. Originally created in Ireland, this model has been spread throughout the entire world and pleases customers at the virtual shelved of FJewellery. A ringed cross in its center part refers to eternal life symbolization.

Male vs. Female Crosses

Is there any crucial difference between crosses with crucifixes for men and women? In terms of religion, you are welcome to pick up the design you like most. The main thing is the divergence in tastes. Usually, more-flavoured and rich in design models are created for ladies. They will serve as a great component for your accessory ensemble, along with earrings fancy samples. Simpler and more minimalist alternatives are devoted to men to wear.

If you think that being gender-oriented is enough, there is a more essential matter — keeping it age-appropriate. There are special occasions when crosses are required to be prepared as a gift, especially for children. The detailing is essential. It is recommended to avoid solutions with loose stones to keep the product safe for younger generations.

The size is another choice orientation. Customers have to check the weight of the pendant and find the appropriate chain for it. The basic rule is to give your preference to chains that are twice heavier than the cross itself. In addition, the diameter of the cross’s eye plays a big role. So the chain shouldn’t be too wide to eliminate the risks of non-matching in sizes.

The pendant shouldn’t be heavyweight for recipients. If you are going to prepare the next cross for your beloved child with his or her growth, it is not a problem to start with less precious metals and then increase their value. Among the most preferable options, there are goods made of non-precious metals like stainless steel, silver, and gold of different carat.


For those customers who aren’t sure which models will work best, there is always a chance to consult with the expert team of FJewellery. If you don’t find crucifix cross pendant gold models that satisfy your expectations and desires, that is another reason to keep in touch with us. Taking into account this shop cooperates with the leading suppliers in the UK market, the chance consumers will be able to purchase what they really want is incredibly high. The prices don’t limit your choice as well — you will be pleasantly surprised by how varied items oriented at your budget can be here.

9ct Gold Crucifix
9ct Gold Crucifix
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