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Gold Diamond Crosses

Buy diamond crosses made of gold in FJewellery online

The choice of a diamond gold cross often seems quite a simple task, but this decision-making involves considering a lot of extra aspects, apart from the product’s price and design attractiveness.

That is one of the reasons why the purchase of gold diamond crosses has to step after thorough research. FJewellery has prepared a range of frequently asked questions about this type of jewellery to make sure you will be able to find the best deal at inexpensive prices at your earliest convenience.

How Do I Match a Cross to a Chain According to Their Weight?

There is a simple rule of thumb to follow in order to avoid any potential issues: the chain’s weight on which you will wear the cross should be double the weight of the cross itself. Otherwise, there is a risk for the chain to lose its strength and break over time. As a result, your luxurious ensemble will get rid of the precious amulet under consideration.

The traditional advice on the cross’s weight ratio is 1:2 or 1:1.5, where the first figure refers to the pendant parameter. For instance, if your cross is about four grams, it would be great to pick up a chain of six-eight grams correspondingly.

The most aesthetically pleasing goods are small pendants, weighing up to five grams. Don’t forget about matching the chain and cross materials. Choosing a gorgeous gold cross for a large silver chain won’t work at all. Necklaces diamond decorated solutions are worth considering for a gold cross with diamonds. Feel free to check images of the models presented on the main domain to decide which matches are soulmate in your case.

Here are a few additional recommendations to bear in mind:

  • Pay attention to the cross’s eye diameter. If you forget to do so, you won’t be able to attach your pendant to the chain. Please note that the chain’s links shouldn’t be too large and the cross should move freely on it.
  • The choice of the chain length depends on your comfort purely. If it is too short, the cross will be too close to the neck. In turn, it will become a place where the shoe pinches and several unpleasant minutes of trying to put the cross in the right place are guaranteed.

Is There Any Difference between the Crosses for Him and for Her?

In general, the products under analysis for men and women are pretty alike. The only thing to consider is design peculiarities. As practice shows, men prefer plainer and less decorated solutions without significant gemstone insertion. If you would like to choose something more festive in style, then crosses with drops or petals in the layout are likely to become your top priority. Laconic items with strict lines and forms will serve great here.

On the contrary, crosses for women are definitely more divergent in their visual representation. Along with a wide range of gold inlays, the number of stones, engravings, and other ornaments are truly amazing. The best recommendation is to think about the everyday outfit wardrobe of the recipient. For example, if the person for whom the cross present is dedicated does wear casually, the sample should be simpler in details to match the lifestyle.

It is a wonderful idea to pick up additional goods to create a jewellery ensemble for your beloved ones. Gold bracelets and rings solitaire models will look excellent with gold crosses with diamonds.

Which Crosses Are Better — Gold or Silver?

If the price but quality matters for you more, then gold crosses are believed to be more durable and beneficial solutions, especially from a long-term perspective. This material won’t lose its properties over time and will shine in its original state for ages (proper care will come in handy and prolong the life cycle of the item). Unlike silver products which are less valuable after purchase, customers won’t face significant issues trying to exchange or sell their gold crosses in order to get something newer. There is no risk for the metal to corrode and tarnish. Gold doesn’t rust as well. In addition, gold is believed to offer numerous health benefits and influence an owner’s overall wellbeing rather positively.


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