Men's 14ct Gold Cross Pendants

Buy Cross Pendant made of 14kt Gold for Him in FJewellery online

Although the stereotype that men don’t wear jewellery has been busted millions of times already, that is always an individual choice. There are many gentlemen who are really not impressed by accessories, and the only one they may have is a wedding ring. However, jewellery is a good gift for them too. All you need to do is just pick up an appropriate option. FJewellery recommends considering a 14k gold cross pendant for men — neat, clear, and accurate designs will work for any lifestyle and wardrobe preferences.

Expert Tips: How to Choose Male Jewellery

There is a rich choice of accessories both for gents and for ladies — you should just find the right platform to purchase solid solutions for any taste. Simply put, the main difference between male and female jewellery is the design itself. It is an eternal battle between masculinity and femininity. When it comes to 14 karat gold pendants in general, plenty of universal models will solve the issue:

  • First things first, you need to know which style of the cross you are interested in. If there is no religious background to follow, Celtic crosses or designs with Greek patterns will blow your mind. While Latin crosses are usually simpler, Orthodox versions have more additional design elements.
  • A 14 ct gold cross, would it be in sale or at a full price, looks good on the neck. It is a stylish yet meaningful pendant for customers. Even if it doesn’t highlight your faith, it will contribute to your good luck and fortune.
  • Whenever you decide on a cross to wear for him, analyze its design in detail. On the one hand, the accessory’s eye size should be big enough to match a particular chain. On the other hand, the chain itself has to be approximately twice more heavyweight to withstand the pressure in the long run.

14k gold cross pendant for men

How to Match 14 Carat Gold Crosses

Our online catalogue is a convenient medium to search for accessories for target recipients, regardless of their age, gender, and occupation. If an anniversary or an important date to celebrate are around the corner, it is a good tactic to make your gift brighter by additionals:

  • The cost of crosses is affordable — their carat weight is less, compared to other designs, so the price allows experimenting with related accessories. One of the latter is the layout of rings court shape. If you mean your present to be gorgeous and tremendous, that is a sound combination.
  • If you buy neat and simple 14 ct crosses for men at a pleasant price, chains without gemstone will suit too.
  • Models with gemstones (for instance, black or dark blue crystals like sapphires) will work for male gifts, undoubtedly. Just check the pictures and select the best one.

All in all, the FJewellery assortment of mens 14kt gold cross pendants and complementary accessories won’t leave you disappointed. Feel free to contact us if there are other questions left.