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Plain Gold Crosses

Buy simple crosses made of gold in FJewellery online

Wearing a plain gold cross was purely religious. It meant belonging to a religious community; it was a symbol of faith. The decorative element of this jewellery was emphasised over time. Master jewellers competed in making exquisite jewellery with precious stones to demonstrate their skill. We can say with confidence that richly inlaid, luxurious jewellery defined social status, family wealth and importance in the hierarchy. The FJewellery cross has become a more neutral decorative element.

What is the occasion for which women's gold crosses are purchased? These days, our cheap items (e.g. earrings creoles) are often chosen as gifts for baptism, first communion, and confirmation. It is a gift appropriate for a very symbolic, memorable and sentimental occasion. Many consider it inappropriate to give only simple gold cross pendants; you need to present the whole model set, ready to wear. Because of the different design and thickness of the chains women, matching them at the time of purchase will make them easier to use.

Women's gold crosses are a great addition to women's haberdashery
It is also worth considering whether the cross will be made from the finest 24-carat gold or the more popular 8- and 14-carat versions. The larger the sample size, the higher the price of the metal per gram.

Apart from the religious aspects, this small piece of jewellery is eagerly portrayed around the neck in celebrity looks and is even attached to bracelets unisex. They have also become a fashion accessory that breaks convention. Today, gold and silver women's crosses and chains for sale are eccentric piece of clothing (large, heavy, massive and embellished with gemstones).

Such luxurious decorations often appear in the stylisations of celebrities from the front images of newspapers. This gives you a wide range of wearing options. The variety of our assortment allows you to choose jewellery for any occasion that does not cost much. For everyday wear, we recommend more modest, simple, versatile types to suit any style of clothing.

Luxury jewellery for her

This symbol in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries appears in our catalogue in isolation from religion. This trend allowed FJewellery shop designers to spread their wings; they could use such a shape without regard to religious significance, prioritising aesthetic considerations and contemporary trends. That is why buying gold women's crosses is also considered fashionable these days.