Yellow & White Gold Crosses Pendants

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Without a doubt, crosses are a known and recognizable religious symbol. Chains with this element are meaningful not only for Christians though. For those people who want to highlight hope and good luck within their image, a 14k yellow gold cross pendant shows off its stunning potential. FJewellery is glad to guide enthusiasts in this journey for exclusive accessories. Onwards!

14 ct gold cross

How to Choose a 14 Karat Yellow Gold Cross Pendant

Our online catalogue includes plenty of cross models. Such a design is a perfect complement to your style. It doesn’t have any apparel limitations — feel free to wear it on the neck whenever you like. The price is also variable. Is this information enough to be a professional buyer of a 14kt yellow gold cross pendant? Make your searches more efficient by following the recommendations below:

  • The notion of a pendants cross isn’t new, but distinguishing between different styles is important. This strategy will come in handy, allowing you to choose that particular solution. 14 carat gold crosses may or not constrain a crucifix — the Jesus body, nailed to the layout. Reducing religious vibes is possible by Celtic crosses.
  • A 14 ct gold cross is the most universal solution, considering multiple kinds of metals and similar materials. Since it is not the highest carat weight possible, its cost is the right one for many consumers. In addition, pieces in sale are a wonderful alternative to cheap wooden models. But choosing gold is beneficial not only in terms of the price. Since crosses are exposed to a strong influence of owner’s body, as well as outer temperature/humidity fluctuations, etc., the metal should be durable enough not to corrode or tarnish over time.
  • Since crosses are modern accessories like rings and bracelets, designs are more flexible. What does it mean? For instance, a gorgeous layout with gemstones will become a bright and appreciated gift for men and women. Choosing more simple and solid patters over delicate models with smooth lines and hollow zones is your opportunity to make your purchase more gender-specific.
  • If the target recipient is a fashionista, additional bonuses are welcome. 14 karat gold crosses are universal — they will look good along with rings court shape, bracelets rhodium, or chains without gemstones.

Where to Buy

Solid pieces of jewellery are always a wonderful gift for any occasion, be it Christmas or someone’s birthday. The FJewellery assortment opens new horizons for customers who are usually far from getting to know more about precious accessories and their variety. A single glance at the models’ pictures, supported by our intuitive website for non-tech savvy enthusiasts helps make a final choice of the ensembles for him and for her.