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White Gold Hoop Earrings

Buy hoop earrings made of white gold in FJewellery online

If you have a burning desire to implement new elements to your style, then white gold hoop earrings are gorgeous to your objectives. Without a doubt, they will draw attention to your face and will complement its natural beauty. What is more, every woman can find the model that suits her well, so the universal versatility of the accessory is proven. At FJewellery, you will see how divergent their styles can really be.

They are always in the fashion trends. Hinged or with other types of clasps, thin or solid, mini, medium or large, plain or thick, with or without gemstones or other kinds of inserts, there is an endless number of possible models to choose from. That is one of the reasons why people consider them a wonderful gift for her. Such earrings don’t have any age or occupation limitations: they will come in handy for ladies who prefer casual outfits and for those who have to follow business dress code rules.

Why else buy white gold hoop earrings? Is it worth spending money on something that looks like silver but costs as much as yellow gold frequently? Stay tuned to get to know more about this accessory.

White Gold vs. Silver Jewellery

Of course, it is especially important to consider which type of metal is your favorite solution for picking up your perfect ensemble out of dozens of big necklaces women options, pendants heart-formed accessories, and of course, white gold or silver earrings. To narrow down your suite of alternatives to put into ear when selecting the best white gold earrings hoops, you have to decide whether the benefits of this material are what you are looking for. Either extra large and chunky or small and tiny, the metal’s value will stay the same, so please take into account the following tips and recommendations before making the final purchase.

The design of the jewelry is an obvious clue for fashionistas. White gold is believed to be more durable than silver. The reason for that is the fact the first one includes a higher proportion of impurities, than the other option. Besides, it is easier to work with the more durable alloy, which makes gold more friendly to designers’ manipulations. In turn, layouts made of white gold differentiate with their tenderness luxurious forms and lines. On the contrary, silver is a rather soft metal, so the goods made of it lack varied and sophisticated elements and patterns usually.

Durability and longevity are parameters to highlight in a separate section. When investing funds into any sort of accessories, customers would like to buy white gold earrings hoops without worrying about the need to purchase a new suite in a month or two. Don’t forget that silver is a soft metal, which is less resistant to the appearance of warping and scratching during use. It is not a sign of its poor quality — it is just the way it functions. Silver options would work for those consumers, who choose to purchase a few of low-budget options instead of one made of white gold.

When it comes to the overall cost, pieces of silver would be cheaper. However, it doesn’t mean accessories of the opponent material are overly expensive. For instance, in the FJewellery online shop, customers can find hoops white gold models, and other beneficial positions from the rich assortment at the sale prices. If you are looking for platinum-like samples, then white gold will serve excellently.

In terms of maintenance and care, white gold is an absolute champion. Over time, even if all of the recommendations are followed, silver items may turn black and tarnish. Gold is less demanding in this perspective, and customers can enjoy its shining polish and finish considerably longer. Please note that this material stands the test of time and is likely to survive numerous dangerous situations of falling, etc. without being scratched heavily.

Online Shopping for the Right Choices

There are many cases when you need to select a model suitable for any occasion but don’t have enough time to visit local stores and make in-person purchases. Besides, online catalogues usually include more varieties than those that can be presented on the shop’s shelves offline. At the same time, although the benefits of online shopping become really highly sought-after, there are still doubts about whether it is possible to find the right model without looking at it in reality.

As one of the reputable representatives on the UK market, FJewellery does its best to vanish the potential worries of its target audience. That’s why you can see pictures and images of jewellery that are distinguished with their decent quality. The palette of search filters allows picking up what you need in the twinkle of an eye.

Here are a few moments to keep calm and stay attentive during online shopping:

  • What you need to do is to check the markings, i.e. the fineness of gold. The engraved grade indicated the proportion of the precious metal in the piece. In the case of white gold, you will find 585 and 750 alloys. Respectively, this refers to 58.5% and 75%.
  • The colour of the jewellery made of white gold and, for instance, silver is different. At first glance, the two are pretty alike, but if you take a closer look at the conditions of bright light, you will notice some differences in shades. Silver has a certain metallic steel tone and will seem closer to grey-and-white over time. White gold has a distinctive white tone.

Maintenance and Care Guide for Beginners

White gold earrings remain in good condition for many years. Customers have to take into account their design peculiarities to prolong their solid state for ages, especially if there are diamonds or other jewels in the layout. It is a great idea to check the firm setting of stones at least once in three-four years.

You can wash and clean your jewellery in any detergent solution and then soak it in warm water with a soft brush. Depending on usage (whether you take your earrings off or stay in them 24/7), it is recommended to take care of them more regularly, mostly once or twice a month.

Despite the material’s strength, it is better to remove the jewellery or continue doing your home duties wearing specialized rubberized gloves. The one thing is for sure for any type of accessory metal: alkaline and different chemical substances are likely to cause strong damage to the model’s finish, especially in the long-term perspective.

Wrap It Up

Gold accessories are amongst the most reputable and remarkable goods around the globe. They are appreciated for their resistance values and gorgeous shining. However, purchasing only yellow gold options may seem boring, so alternative options like white gold are at your disposal. When it comes to choosing the best present for your dearest people, then white gold hoop earrings are worth considering. For customers who don’t want to face issues and challenges of finding the right size of rings and bracelets, they will become a total breeze. White gold is a stylish alternative to mind-blowing expensive platinum. Being always in trends, they are to become a perfect partner for any lady. Just check it out!