Women's Gold Stud Earrings

Buy Ladies Stud Earrings made of Gold in FJewellery online

Women are very picky when it comes to choosing jewellery. But there is one model that is liked by the vast majority. We are talking about womens gold stud earrings. They are very comfortable and have a huge number of advantages over other types of earrings. The FJewellery online shop offers a huge collection of these beautiful products.

Features of ladies gold stud earrings

To begin with, it is worth defining what in principle is called stud earrings. Many people believe that if the lock is made in the form of a stud, then the product is called so. This is not quite right. Such earrings cannot hang in the air. They sit securely on the ear. Two parts can be distinguished:

  • The stud, which consists of the platform and the pin. The platform has a decorative function. It can be inlaid with a gemstone, shaped, engraved or notched. The pin is designed to be inserted through the hole in the ear.
  • A plug that is worn on the stud. It acts as a stopper, that is, it prevents the pin from coming out of the ear. The plug can be freely put on the pin or screwed on it. In the second case, the possibility of losing the jewellery is reduced to zero.

Womens Gold Stud Earrings

Jewelry can be made of gold of different carats. The alloy, in this case, may contain different amounts of gold purity and an admixture of other metals:

In addition, gold in jewellery can have different shades:

  • classic yellow,
  • rose,
  • and white.

It depends on the impurities (alloying metals). They are responsible for the hue and properties of the precious metal.

How to choose design earrings for females

Let's take a look at a few parameters to help you make your choice:

  • Size. They can be very different. From a small point earrings to a rather imposing piece of jewellery. It all depends on how you plan to use them. A small size will do for every day, but for special occasions, choose a larger model.
  • Colour of gold. Choose based on what kind of gold you have the most. Most likely, you will want to complement the accessorize with chains, bracelets and pendants. It will be more correct if all the accessories are of the same shade.
  • Gemstone. You can choose a diamond. And it will be a win-win option. But there are a huge number of minerals that can help create your unique style. You can choose them by birthstone or simply by your preferences.
  • Shape. The design of such models is very diverse. It can be just metal balls, a jewel, clear geometry or fancy shaped.
  • Price. Thanks to the small size, you can always find the perfect option.
  • Choose a product for yourself or as a gift. The first option is quite simple. Just listen to your heart. In the second case, it is enough to understand for whom you choose: for girls or adult women's. For children, it is better to buy something nice, fancifully shaped, and small in diameter and preferably with a plug on the screw. Jewellery can be with or without rhodium coating. There is a big choice for a lady! The main thing is to figure out what your sweetheart likes best. It can be a gift for her with meaning that only the two of you will know, or just a cute little thing.

The FJewellery assortment is so large that we do not doubt that you will find something special here. Colourful pictures and detailed descriptions of each item will help you with that. In addition, you can find everything on sale at an attractive cost: