Rose Gold Lockets

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Rose-gold jewellery is like an exquisite dish. They always stand out and look exquisite and attractive. The FJewellery online store offers a large collection of the most diverse items of this alloy, including a personalized rose gold medallion, at an attractive price. What are the peculiarities of such accessories, and why should we pay attention to them?

Rose gold lockets have quite a large number of advantages. They are timeless.

Rose Gold LocketsRose Gold Lockets

It is believed that at first, it was a plain polished alloy disc (or ceramic disc) on which an image was applied. It could be a portrait of a commander or ruler. Such medallions were used as awards as well as credentials. Then a sweat compartment was attached to such a medallion. It could hold someone's secrets. Today, you can find a huge number of designs of such jewellery on sale: from pendants with a hidden cavity to models that leave no doubt that you have a medallion with a personal secret.

It's a great gift

If you're thinking about what to give to a loved one, jewellery is always a great idea. To avoid buying corny earrings, bracelets, or chains, you can get creative. Buy a rose gold locket. You can immediately insert a photo or present a pendant, and the giver himself will decide which image to put in a frame. You can even write yourself a regret on the inside. To do this, just ask the jeweller to do the engraving.

We are sure that men and womens of all ages will love this gift. This could be a great idea to bring to life for a birthday, Christmas, or Valentine's Day, or it could just be your date. Grandma will also love this gift if the locket has pictures of her children and grandchildren. It will show your feelings if you give a heart-shaped locket pendant to your beloved.

Comfortable to wear

This product is quite convenient to combine with different styles of clothing. It looks great on its own on the body, over clothes, or combined with other chains and pendants.

It looks cool

Such pieces look very beautiful after centuries. Since it is quite versatile, you can wear it with plain hoop earrings and large evening drop earrings, with bracelets (from tennis to boho), and with all kinds of necklaces and chains, including rada chains. The main thing is to choose the right size of the pendant so that it is proportional to your body. These can be large and heavy pendants, medium-sized lockets, or quite small items that will seem inconspicuous. In the latter case, the pendant can always be worn as a charm on your neck or bracelet.

How lockets work

Models with the following design can be found for sale:

  • Eyelets connect two surfaces at the side or top. Such medallions can be opened like books.
  • Three elements: the rear wall and the two front elements. The latter is connected to the left and right with hinges and opens like shutters in the centre. Such models appear unusual and unique, especially if the design complements the design.
  • Two metal plates are floating relative to each other. They can be movably connected at one point and do not open on themselves, as in previous models, but move sideways relative to each other.

The number of frames for the photo model can be:

  • For a single photo. In such medallions, as a rule, in the open state, there is one place for a picture, and on the second surface, you can write a wish or engrave a date.
  • For two photos. The most common option. In the open state, you will see two photos.
  • True for any number! It depends only on the jeweller and your desire to wear a rather thick unique pendant because it must have several layers with frames.

They can be oval, round, square, or pentagonal in shape, and heart-shaped solid metal and filigree pieces are also trendy.

Lockets made of Rose GoldLockets made of Rose Gold

One more important point before you start choosing the most suitable model for you. Medallions can be made in the form of a pendant or a necklace. The advantage of the first option is that you can wear the pendant on any chain that you have, or buy a new one of any length and type of weave. You can also wear the pendant on your wrist on your favourite bracelet (if it's not too big). If you choose a necklace, immediately choose a chain with a pendant that cannot be removed because its lug is woven into one of the chain links. This is handy if you don't want to mess around and the type of weaving suits you. Just buy the finished product, and you can wear it right away.

When choosing, pay attention to the fact that the pendant should look proportionate on your body (or the body of a loved one). If you have a large build, you can choose the largest model on a long chain, as it will look harmonious. If you give such a gift to a teenager, then choose elegant, sophisticated products on a fairly solid chain.  

The FJewellery online store offers a large collection of medallions in classic, vintage, and modern styles. Also, our jewellers can make your own version of the jewelry according to your description or photo. In addition to stylish lockets, you can find other items such as silver crosses that are in great demand. The cost of jewellery depends on the weight of the precious metal that was used to create them, the presence of incrustation (type of cut, carat gemstone), engraving, and the complexity of the design.