Yellow Gold Lockets

Buy Lockets made of Yellow Gold in FJewellery online

If you are looking for a personalised piece of jewellery that you can give as a gift to someone of small stature and that will be special to them, we recommend that you pay attention to yellow gold lockets. The FJewellery online store offers a large collection of such items at an attractive price. You can choose something from a new collection, buy a vintage model, or order something unique from our jeweller.

Yellow Gold LocketsYellow Gold Lockets

All pendants can be classified according to several criteria

  • Shape. Of all the offerings you can find on sale, some lockets have a round, oval, or square shape, as well as any fancy shape, such as a heart. The latter option is especially relevant if you want to make a gift with meaning for your loved one.
  • Materials. In our store, we have a variety of yellow-gold medallions. In our store, we have medallions 9, 14, and 18 carats. They differ in the percentage of gold and alloying metals.
  • Design. A gemstone can be used in the model. It can be a mineral from your month of birth, and then this pendant will automatically become your amulet, or just a gemstone that you like. The exterior design can also be embellished with engraving. If you choose a model with one picture, you will have the opportunity to make a commemorative inscription on the other half of the lid. It can be the date you met your loved one, the date of the birth of your beloved grandchildren, etc.
  • Design. It can be a yellow gold medallion for one or two photos or a rather thick model for more photos. It all depends on your needs. It can also be a pendant or a necklace. The fundamental difference is that the pendant can be worn on any type of weave chain you already have, including snake chains. You can also use the pendant as a pendant and as a key chain. The necklace is sold connected to the chain, meaning you can only wear it on neck like this.
  • Dimensions. Pendants can be small, medium, or large. To choose them, as well as the length of the chain, you should be guided by proportions. Thus, a cute and slim thing will look great on petite women's, and a large and massive pendant will look great on people of a large physique.

Such jewellery looks great alongside other accessories. You can choose CZ fancy earrings, onyx signet rings, or jewellery in a different style and design. In any case, such jewellery will find itself.

Lockets made of Yellow GoldLockets made of Yellow Gold

The FJewellery online store offers a wide selection of these and other yellow gold items. Each model on our website has a quality photo so you can see all the details, as well as a detailed description. It is so detailed that you will be left in no doubt as to why and how much the jewellery will cost. In addition, our concierge, who knows the whole assortment perfectly, is ready to help you with your choice and answer all your questions.