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A precious necklace is not only a great luxury for men and women, but also an incredibly beautiful accessory that looks expensive, chic and stylish in any case. Such things are simply necessary in every contemporary wardrobe, and it's up to you to wear them for every day or only on special occasions! Like it or not, but this is a great way to emphasise your impeccable taste and add a unique charm to even the simplest costume. And there are a huge number of models - for every taste and budget, from the most classic or vintage, to fashionable and original, such as rose gold necklaces. These decorations made of such non-standard metal are gaining more and more popularity and are increasingly appearing in the collections of the most famous brands - the best option to stand out from the crowd and declare your exclusivity! And if you want this too, we invite you to the FJewellery online boutique, where you will find the brightest and trendiest models of these accessories at a very affordable and pleasant price! Join us, follow the updates of our assortment and make the most exquisite precious presents for yourself and your closest and beloved people! Welcome!

Rose Gold NecklacesRose Gold Necklaces

A bit of the history of the most ancient accessory: from the appearance to the present day

At all times, people loved to decorate themselves and their clothes, using all available means and materials for this - this fact can be traced throughout the history of mankind. And the very first item of such decor was a necklace. According to the latest research and findings of archaeologists, the oldest known jewellery was found during excavations in Africa. It consists of 41 shellfish, which were strung on a thread in the form of a men and women necklace. This find is 75,000 years old - incredible and amazing how long ago it was and how well it was preserved.

For a long time, such items were made from simple natural materials that were easy to find at hand. These were:

  • shells,
  • pebbles,
  • bones and fangs of animals,
  • clay,
  • wood,
  • etc.

Already later, in 2500 BC, people learned how to mine and process aurum, necklaces and other jewelry began to be made from it. The first examples of golden decorations were found in the ancient city of Ur, which was one of the main city-states of the Sumerian civilization. According to many scientists, the Sumerians also used copper, precious stones and other noble metals to create their magnificent decorations. This statement is also confirmed by many examples of the culture of that time, which are now kept in museums around the world. 

Luxurious necklaces of the Sumerians were a stacking of several strands of beads made of various natural stones, connected together and decorated with a large central golden element. The most commonly used carnelian and lapis lazuli. 

The jewelry of the Ancient Egyptians was even more diverse - from simple single beads to products with complex patterns and ornaments. Rich people wore fantastic necklaces, studded with expensive gems and decorated with voluminous filigree patterns - they played a very important role in the costume.

Women's Rose Gold NecklacesWomen's Rose Gold Necklaces

The Etruscans were also experienced goldsmiths - they were able to create chains of incredible beauty using the most complex techniques, and decorated them with many beads with the most intricate ornaments. When they were discovered in the excavations centuries later, many jewelers tried in vain to recreate these products, but the techniques used by the masters of the ancient civilization were not available to any designer. These won't be simple decorations, but real great works of precious art.

In 480-330 BC, the Greeks went even further and began to create unbelievable multi-layered jewelry. To do this, they used many beads of various shapes and sizes, and luxurious gold always served as the basis. They also created themed decorations, inspired by natural motifs - plants and animals. Light and openwork necklaces, beads and pendants were popular, as well as layering techniques of any complexity.

The Romans used simple and concise products without a lot of decors, but they often used engraving, blackening and so on. As pendants, they regularly used a plain coin or a round golden disk, on which the faces of the gods, family coats of arms, etc. were applied.

Speaking about the luxurious neck ornaments of antiquity, one cannot but mention the Celts - skillful craftsmen working with metals. From silver and gold, they created not only jewelry, but also real armour and heavy strong breastplates. The most famous necklace of the Celts is the chunky Torque - a large metal semicircle worn around the neck with the open part forward. They were typically engraved with various mystical patterns, among which the famous Celtic knot was always present. The next popular decoration they had was the lunula - in its shape it resembled a torque, but it was longer and more narrowed at the back of the head.

It's noteworthy that among the Celts, like many other civilizations, it was men who wore such accessories around their necks. Most frequently these were:

  • warriors,
  • priests,
  • rulers and kings.

Women began to adorn themselves with precious items much later. In different cultures, jewellery on the neck was given a certain meaning, often mystical meaning was put into them and used during religious rites and rituals. Also, with their help, people demonstrated their wealth, power and high position in society.

Everything changed in the Middle Ages, when such accessories were banned by the church and were considered not pleasing to God. Then jewellery craftsmanship fell into decline and could be revived only with the advent of the Renaissance. Since then, the demand for decorations has only grown, as well as their cost, so only very rich representatives of the nobility could afford such a luxury.

But centuries succeeded each other and jewels became more and more accessible to ordinary people, and today everyone can treat themselves to a bright and stylish accessory. And not even one, which cannot but rejoice! Every contemporary person today has his own personalised precious wardrobe, in which there are products that fully meet the taste, style and character of their owner. And the best part is that we can constantly update and supplement it! And you can do it profitably on the pages of the FJewellery catalogue, where we present you a collection of various accessories: new and pre-owned, trendy and vintage, traditional and modern - the choice is huge, and our managers are always ready to come to you for assistance in the search and selection of ideal models. But as you know, you need to start choosing jewels from its base - we'll talk about that!

Men's NecklacesMen's Necklaces

The brightest metal of our time

Unique rose or pink gold - until recently, this shade was considered defective, but now it's becoming more and more in demand and looks very cool and stylish. The thing is that aurum is not used in its pure form. More precisely, they are rarely used and for only one purpose - the storage of gold and foreign exchange reserves of states and banks. It's called that - bank gold and is stored in the form of ingots in special packages that protect against dents and damage. This is due to the fact that gold is extremely soft and brittle, in its fine form it's practically impossible to process.

To create jewellery, various alloys with other minerals are used to give the base metal the necessary colour, as well as strength and durability. As impurities use:

  • silver,
  • zinc,
  • palladium,
  • copper,
  • etc.

This is called carat, and it depends on the percentage of pure aurum in the product. Some of the most common are samples in 9ct, 14k and 18kt. The higher the carat, the more expensive the final product will be and vice versa - an accessory with a lower percentage of gold will be cheap.

So, the basis of the pink alloy is copper - it helps to achieve such a desired delicate shade, which is so loved by most fashionistas. To increase the strength of products, a protective coating is additionally used. Its role is played by noble rhodium, which is applied in a thin layer and provides strength and incredible shine to the accessory. Also, this colour goes well with a matte finish, which makes the accessory tactilely pleasant and looks very fresh and original.

Necklaces in Rose GoldNecklaces in Rose Gold

In general, rose metal neck jewels are always very elegant and look good in any design, from the most traditional to bright and fancy ones - it's all up to your tastes!

Necklace styles and designs

As mentioned earlier, the range of these decorations is extremely large and the number of available models only increases with each new season. Some of them remain in fashion forever, while others are forgotten. But there are also accessories that are always in demand, and we include rose gold chains necklaces among them. Among the most popular are the following weaving options:

  1. Belcher - a classic subspecies of anchor weaving, where round links are used. It looks very solid and has high wear resistance and strength. It goes great with plain crosses and pendants. Rollo is another name for this knitting.
  2. Double rolo - looks more voluminous and openwork than belcher, due to the fact that each circle doubles throughout the chain. Also called Garibaldi. It's very good as an independent accessory, but it will also look good with pendant.
  3. Cuban style. Outwardly, it looks very smooth, due to the connection of round elements in the same plane. As a rule, such chains always turn out to be heavy, thick and massive - they are more common among mens accessories.
  4. Love chain - a very gentle and romantic type of knitting, which belongs to fancy. Each element is heart shaped and has a stunning precious charm. Incredibly chic in pink and perfect for wearing with tiny Swarovski crystals.
  5. Rope - this weaving can consist of round or oval links that are so closely woven together that they resemble a real cotton rope or tourniquet - this is how the name appeared. It looks good as part of a multi layer necklace and as a basis for various decor. The same weaving is used in charm bracelets and looks harmonious with a chain.
  6. The snake is a very beautiful subspecies of armour weaving. They are characterised by a smooth surface and a very tight-knit, due to which a flexible and elegant trickle is obtained. Such chains are very reminiscent of the scales of a real reptile - hence the name. Ideal for wearing with dainty teardrop pendants and matching earrings. Great for stacking in voluminous necklaces from a variety of accessories with and without decor.
  7. Venetian. One of the types of anchor knitting, but with square or rectangular links. The design turns out to be very original and non-standard, and every detail of the chain visually resembles a small box. It's combined with large earrings and tennis bracelets.

Necklaces made of Rose GoldNecklaces made of Rose Gold

These are far from all varieties of weaving, but they definitely deserve special attention due to their uniqueness and attractiveness. But that's not all! In addition to designs, necklaces vary in size and each type has a separate name, which is worth remembering and considering when choosing. So:

  1. Choker. Tightly fits the neck and can be of various thicknesses. It has an average length of 14 inch to 16 inches and is considered short. Different natural and non-standard materials are used in the manufacture, such as leather, pearls, etc.
  2. Collar. It can be of different lengths and essentially repeats the collar of a classic shirt, which looks very cute and elegant. Often decorated with crystals, coloured gemstones and mother-of-pearl.
  3. Princess - the next length variety, which is considered the most classic (16.5-19 inches). Suitable for big and bulk jewellery.
  4. Matinee is the most optimal and practical option for both mens and womens decorations. Sizes range from 19.5" to 23.5". This category most commonly includes pearl beads and chains with fine solitaire, cluster and halo pendants.
  5. Opera, whose length is between 27.5-35.5". Goes down just below the chest and is suitable for wearing with a large locket.
  6. Lasso or lariat - very long necklaces that can reach the waistline. The best option for chains can be wrapped around the neck in several layers. Such products can be found in the photo of celebrities in retro style.

In the pictures in our blog, you can easily see each of these types and understand which one suits you best. And if you still want to gold accessorize your image, then take a look at our catalogue and find everything you need for this, including:

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