White Gold Necklaces

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The discovery of white gold has surely transformed the way the modern jewellery market looks and functions. In terms of its functional and aesthetic presence, this metal has overcome the label of platinum replacement — it is an individual material with unique properties, which has conquered numerous fans all around the globe. At the FJewellery online store, men and women can easily order white gold necklaces at the best cost. Stay tuned to find out more about these marvellous layouts!

White Gold NecklacesWhite Gold Necklaces

White Gold vs. Silver vs. Platinum

Platinum is the most gorgeous and expensive metal in comparison, while alternative materials are definitely more popularised and, therefore, efficient. Keeping your awareness of the metals’ characteristics will come in handy, letting enthusiasts make well-thought-out considerations and purchase truly satisfactory models for their fashion and other purposes.

Durability vs. Maintenance

Compared to other metals, silver is more vulnerable and prone to damage. Since it is easily scratched and might tarnish over time, it is especially important to follow maintenance rules and keep it clean. For everyday wear, necklaces made of white gold are obviously a better choice. The reason for that is how stronger and more resistant to corrosion and other negative impacts it is. It also doesn’t require as much attention as silver to preserve its original state for ages.

To prolong the brilliance and longevity of these layouts, customers can get their favourite designs rhodium plated. With this type of coating, your pieces of jewelry will sparkle and stand out.

For individuals with sensitive skin, white gold and platinum will become beneficial considerations. Platinum is also incredibly durable and not very demanding in terms of care. However, since it isn’t as soft as alternative metals, the variety of twisted and exquisite lines is relatively small.


When you wear such accessories on the neck, it is not a problem to distinguish one from another even for beginners. At first, link chains made of white gold and platinum seem a lot like sterling or pure silver models. In practice, white gold still preserves traditional yellowish shining, while platinum has a greyish undertone.

Necklaces made of White GoldNecklaces made of White Gold

Fine White Gold Jewellery for Him and for Her

When you don’t know what to choose, you obviously can search for the right piece by any of the vast range of filters on the site. That’s how you can locate plain layouts at an affordable cost for mens and gorgeous jewellery styles for womens. The true face of white gold is extremely durable and beautiful. Depending on what caratage seems worth it, you can play with necklace appearances:

  • Since 14k white gold contains less pure gold than 18 carat (the ratio is 58.5% to 75%), the latter will have a more yellowish undertone.
  • The difference in pure gold percentage also influences the finish. Per usual, the smaller the amount of pure gold, the more matter the surface will look. If any extra coating is taken into consideration, the difference won’t be so noticeable.

Of course, this assortment lets interested parties dive deeper into the search and encounter unique and chunky designs as perfect matches for their objectives. Although there are separate categories for gentlemen and ladies on the side, staying open-minded to divergently shaped pieces of modern and cool accessories. The best layout for you doesn’t have to obtain gender-related labelling — you are free to pick up what is stylish and right for you.

White Gold Chains for Womens

Ladies are absolutely unique target recipients, where extreme combinations are possible. Aside from multi-layered styles of wearing chains, they also wouldn’t mind the longest and the shortest sizes in the catalogue:

  • Long Figaro necklaces — and professionals really mean it. Such lengths as opera, where a chain reaches thirty-five inches, are a nice solution for evening gowns and will certainly be attractive eye-catching elements of any lady’s style.
  • Diamond choker — it is an exceptional offer on the site, which helps you get a beautiful necklace with already inserted gemstones. They are qualitatively attached so that the image is complete by default. It is elegant and luxurious, which helps transform standard opinions about minimalist accessories for her.
  • Wheat chains with infinity pendants — any allusion to eternity will be appealing and charming. You can complete the style with simple drop earrings and a lovely curb chain bracelet with a heart pendant.

White Gold Chain NecklaceWhite Gold Chain Necklace

Necklaces Made of White Gold for Mens

Male jewellery doesn’t mean anything brutal, aggressive, and overly simple — it is better to avoid such stereotypes to discover genuine collections for your beloved ones. Here is how you can accessorise your outfit with unprecedented designer layouts:

  • Tennis chain with solitaire pendant — it is extremely versatile, so interested parties can wear such a necklace for informal and formal events. If you miss an elegant accent, a solitaire pendant will work brilliantly.
  • Snake necklace — it is one of the most popular shopping choices for men, which helps them look more handsome for sure. It does stand out without pendants, but you can match it with leather or ball chain bracelets and massive rings.
  • Singapore link chains — this type of elegant and intriguing link design is also a wonderful substitute for heavy necklaces. If you opt for more experiments, take into account double chains. Unlike the view of double rope necklaces, a double Singapore chain has a multilayered effect, where links literally create a round-shaped and V-lined image.
  • Belcher necklaces — it is another heavy chain that can wow any male image. With colourful gemstone pendants or simple charms, the distinguished D-shaped links have great functionality for casual wear.

Link Chains for Children

When your task is to pick up suitable models for kids, your choices will definitely be more playful and interesting. Favouring classic pieces might work efficiently if a target recipient has such types of likes. Otherwise, it is better to prefer layouts with more appealing textures and amazing additional elements:

  • Cuban chains with padlock pendants — it is an exquisite sample of how to prepare a secret and beloved gift for little ones. This chain style will work for girls and boys. Since a typical Cuban link necklace is incredibly strong, you are able to purchase a few lockets and wear a chain with pendant on the neck. Whoever the target recipient is, don’t forget to check the weight of chosen models and understand how matching they are. In terms of size, the smallest size for adults can become a nice option, including 18 inch necklaces.
  • Short rope chains — you don’t have to achieve a vintage look, so playing with modern designs is more than appreciated. Match it with engraved ID tags or cute love knot charms. Rope link necklaces are universal and look amazing, regardless of what style you try to create for your child.

How to Match a Designer White Gold Chain Necklace

Whether you are shopping for simple and delicate-looking accessories or something with rather dainty and cool vibes, you have come to the best marketplace. Its fame is well-deserved largely thanks to the amazing divergence of the models it offers. Aside from link chains for everyday wear, any customer can easily select complimentary designs for any occasion.

750 White Gold Necklace750 White Gold Necklace

It is essential to take care of your jewellery ensembles in advance to ensure your style is versatile for numerous fashion needs. For instance, if you don’t have fancy belongings and special events are ahead, it will only cost you more to find and buy luxurious accessories within a limited timeframe. That’s why professionals suggest diversifying your palette of jewelry from time to time to avoid compulsive and non-efficient purchases. Keep your mind and heart open for modern partners of white gold chains:

  • Ball earrings without stone — contrary to such minimalist models as 1mm dot stud earrings, this approach is a stunning happy medium between luxurious models and modest accessories. These daisy round discs are exquisite on the earlobe and will work for casual outfits and elegant evening gowns. In turn, it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to stay within your budget and get an extra piece of jewellery for more amazing images at cheap prices.
  • Silver Rolex bracelets — whether thin or thick, this type of link chain creates a marvellous ornament on the wrist. Don’t hesitate to combine white gold and silver images in the same ensemble. It can create an unusual and fashionable view since you enrich the textures and flashes of brilliance of your outfit.
  • Rhodium dress rings — as you already know, rhodium is an exclusive choice for people who like brilliant solutions. A few know that it is an expensive metal on its own, but you can minimise the expenses while getting the maximum of its advantages when it is used as a coating. Such layered models aren’t any worse and help you match different types of shining among your white gold, silver, and other accessories.

Where to Buy Chains for Sale Online

At the FJewellery catalogue, interested parties are welcome to purchase affordable yet luxurious collections of jewellery at the best 750 white gold necklace price. Exclusive crafting techniques only enrich the brilliance of this intuitive interface — from detailed pictures to informative notes about each and every model on the site. 

If you don’t find the right match for your occasion or what to present as a gift to your beloved ones, drop us a message. This team specialises not only in the delivery of personalised solutions but also boasts its cooperation with the leading exquisite jewellery suppliers in the UK.