Rose Gold & Platinum Wedding Rings

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There are lots of love symbols, and rings are included in the list of the most beautiful material signs. Either you are preparing a surprise for your other half or looking for the suitable solution together, not only tastes should influence your final decision. Lifestyle and occupation (whether the target person works in a space with high humidity or is interested in handmade services, for instance) are not less meaningful than the size of fingers. If you would like to pick up unique wear for wedding, platinum and rose gold wedding bands by FJewellery will come in handy.

Rose Gold & Platinum Wedding Rings

Rich Assortment

Our online catalog benefits brides and grooms with premium-class photos of all the models. Flat court, plain, thin, wide, with or without stones of different carat — the catalog illustrates options with steady and solid coating, regardless of their designs.

Before decision-making, please note the following:

  • Rose gold goods owe its color to the copper that is added to the alloy. The more copper this type possesses, the more pronounced and vivid the pink hue. Besides, alloys with a high copper content have a reddish color and are therefore more known as red gold. Just like any other metal, it has to be maintained properly and carefully. On the one hand, it is considered a really complimentary material to the skin tone of owners and differentiates with its strength. On the other hand, don’t forget such items aren’t hypoallergenic.
  • Platinum rings are frequently omitted because of their price, but this style is available at cheaper tags during promotions, and FJewellery isn’t an exception in this trend-setting. At home, the mix of warm water and mild soap will work for cleaning such jewelry. To stay on the safe side though, it is recommended to purchase special cleaners. At the same time, be careful with scratching items. According to the scale of hardness, platinum occupies 4-4.5. For example, diamonds with 10 at the same ranking will damage the metal easily.

Wrap It Up

All the things considered, it is not necessary for a couple to select twin-looking marriage rings. There are several beautiful accessories of pink gold for women and platinum for men, and their tandem will create not a worse impression than more common combinations of materials like pure silver matches. To buy rose gold and platinum wedding rings, interested parties are just to click on the piece they want and follow simple instructions on the site.

Bridal Rings made of Platinum and Rose Gold

To complement your wedding ensemble, feel free to search for soulmate jewelry like cufflinks and tie-clips for him, as well as marvelous bridal earrings and necklaces for her. At FJewellery, brand models are available at beneficial prices. Check out the page for sale deals and inexpensive treasures.

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