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14ct Gold Band Rings

Buy band rings made of 14 carat gold in store FJewellery

The variety of wedding rings seems to bring you down? From this perspective, simplicity won’t be extra. If you are looking for something that will last for years and won’t make you suffer a troublesome learning curve of care and maintenance rules, then a 14 karat gold ring band is a perfect match. It will emphasize your love and will satisfy multiple other goals. Stay in the loop with FJewellery to find out more about this option!

Why Should You Buy 14 Carat Gold Band Rings?

Let’s keep it simple — 14k gold band rings are far from complex things. Here are some of the basic reasons that turn these accessories into exclusive partners for him and for her:

  • Taking into account their minimalist design, such bands will suit both men and women. According to modern trends, it is not compulsory to choose the same wedding rings. Those couples who want to share their love via partner layouts can solve any occurring difficulties by 14k gold ring bands. Some people believe that personalization is lacking in this case. However, adding an individual engraving is a lifesaver — these accessories allow enough room for that.
  • The analyzed rings are like a clean canvas — by adding more specific accessories, customers easily play with images. A single glance at the models’ pictures online will confirm that supporting brilliance is versatile. If you desire to leave a male impression by this ensemble, then crosses Rolex and chains paper layouts will serve excellently. Accessories with gemstones in sale, including mix stones earrings, are gorgeous to wear daily for any lady. Our catalogue features a punch of beautiful 14 ct gold designs and their alternatives.
  • Compared to alloys with a higher content of pure gold, the prices for 14kt gold band rings are more affordable. This affordability doesn’t signify a compromise in quality and value though. Vice versa, such a combination of metals guarantees a durable and beautiful design. If you are not sure which type of gold to order, here is an interesting fact for you to know — according to statistics, about ninety percent of rings are made of 14 carat gold.
  • Its rich colour is a good contribution to any skin type. Besides, such band rings come not only in different sizes, but in widths, so it is a simple task to find what suits your hands. As practice shows, these accessories look good on both thin and thick fingers.

14k gold band ring

Online Shopping

This format of getting what you want seems like a disaster for many users. Is it really possible to purchase a good-looking and solid ring flawlessly without putting it on your finger? The answer is straightforward. If a vast number of guides and recommendations don’t help as expected, there are just a few things to bear in mind:

  • Trying to determine the right size, choose the best time to take measurements. To stay on the safe side, consider evening periods, when the target recipient is relaxed. Don’t forget that outer conditions influence the finger size too — say “yes” to situations when the target recipient’s hands are warm.
  • If you are between two sizes, stick to one that allows more room for finger size fluctuations. Be precise and take measurements for a particular finger. That is possible to do even without her knowing. What is more, such a method backs up your experience if you are going to prepare a surprise for her.
  • Usually, the online assortment of goods is more varied, and you can take your time to think without wasting resources on constant travels to land-based jewellery institutions.

All in all, giving your preference to something as simple as a 14k gold band ring style, you opt for more opportunities in the future. These pieces of jewellery are more compatible and affordable than others, and they save enough room for personalization services as well. If you need professional assistance from FJewellery experts, feel free to leave your inquiry!

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