14ct Gold Diamond Rings

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A diamond ring is a piece of jewellery that every woman dreams of, regardless of age or social status. This ring will endow its wearer with sophistication and elegance. Diamonds go well with any gold. The FJewellery online shop offers 14 carat diamond rings. They are capable of capturing the imagination of the most demanding fashionistas and fashionable people.

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Features of 14 kt gold rings

The 14 ct gold alloy is characterised by a high (41.5%) alloying metal content. This ensures its high strength and resistance to external influences. Therefore, 14 karat gold diamond rings can be confident to wear every day. You can simply clean them if necessary. The cost of the alloy is quite affordable, while retaining the high aesthetic qualities of the precious metal.

14 carat diamond rings

You can find the 14-carat purity in both classic yellow gold and white or rose gold. Nowadays, this letter is becoming increasingly popular in jewellery. Yellow gold rings work well with other jewellery in the same material, be it st Christopher pendants, earrings, bracelets or plain crosses.

Diamonds are a symbol of purity and sincere feelings

Diamond is a natural mineral. The jewellers have cut a sparkling crystal with a regular shape. Not only women, but also the toughest men, can resist the amazing play of light created by its facets. For men, diamonds give determination, self-confidence and loyalty. For girls and women, a diamond brings sophistication and elegance. You can never have too many diamonds, so a ring may contain a single gemstone or 7 diamonds.

Classic solitaire rings with one large diamond are always popular. This is the most common design of ring that is presented to a girl when proposing her hand. The diamond in this case is a symbol of purity and depth of feeling, as well as the seriousness of the chosen one's intentions.

The price of diamonds is quite high. The value of a stone lies not only in its size and clarity. The quality of the cut has a significant influence on the price. The most common cut is the round brilliant cut with 57 facets. Other types of cuts include:

How much worth a diamond is largely depends on all the proportions in the cut and many other factors.

Large, perfectly cut diamonds are the most valuable exhibits at exhibitions and art auctions. Their value can rise to the most unimaginable sizes. The most expensive "Pink Star" diamond to date measures 59.6 carats and is valued at 71.2 million dollars. This high cost is due to the fact that it is very difficult to find a large diamond of the right colour with perfect clarity and a perfect cut.

Of course, a 14k diamond ring contains a less unique stone, but it's still beautiful. And it's a good thing that a gem that used to be available only to the nobility can now be in the possession of any girl.

Each of us believes a little bit in magic. The magnificent gem has an excellent reputation in this field. It can become a trusted protector and protector of its owner or possessor. It shares its energy with people who aspire to leadership.

How to buy a diamond ring in our shop

We are used to living in a fast-paced world. And sometimes we do not have enough time to buy a gift for a loved one, or indulge yourself with a wonderful trinket for a new outfit. We offer a good way out of this situation. It could be online shipping at a jewellery shop. It doesn't matter whether it is trace chains or a diamond ring. Another thing is that you need to know the exact size of the ring so that it sits comfortably but securely on your finger. It is very easy to choose a model from the pictures and descriptions in the jewellery shop's catalogue and place your order.

The FJewellery online shop offers a huge range of jewellery in a variety of styles. In sale diamond and gemstone rings, earrings in classic and modern styles, bracelets, necklaces, etc. Working online and having our own jewellery workshop allows us to sell jewellery at the most affordable prices. Here you can choose wedding rings, a unique gift for any occasion or jewellery for a new look.