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14ct Gold Heart Rings

Buy heart rings made of 14 carat gold in store FJewellery

If you are searching for something to encapsulate your love, what can be more self-explanatory than a 14k gold heart ring? It is a perfect gift for any occasion that is meaningful for the two. Whether it is an anniversary or another important date for your lover, this style is gorgeous in its visual sparkle and attraction. FJewellery has prepared a rich collection of precious accessories to make your special moments even more vibrant.

What You Should Know about 14 Carat Bands

Taking into account their unique shape, different kinds of a 14k heart ring are extremely in demand. However, that is far from the only reason that increases their value in the market:

  • Compared to 18 kt accessories, 14 kt ones for her are more durable. At the same time, they are soft enough to support jewellers’ experiments with styles.
  • Even if the item isn’t in sale, you can buy 14kt gold jewellery at a nice cost.
  • Heart-patterns aren’t characteristic for male accessories, but the material itself offers myriads of opportunities to choose a suitable one for him. For instance, chains unisex layouts are a wonderful sample.
  • The brilliance of 14 karat accessories matches related pieces gorgeously. Along with heart rings, pendants amethyst or earrings wedding styles will be outstanding for her. Pictures at our website will help you make the final choice.

14k gold heart ring

Divergence of Styles

If heart patterns are included in the layout, the overall design will be definitely eye-catching. Here are some popular formats to look for:

  • Double heart — two heads are always better than one, aren’t they? There is a similar rule in the world of jewellery. Two symbols of sincere feelings stand for love and fidelity between the two.
  • Accessories with gemstones — the choice varies from 14 ct bands with small crystals like cubic zirconia to solutions that are bigger in size and caratage, including rubies and sapphires. Regardless of what your final consideration is, don’t stick to the model’s price entirely. Take into account how suitable the design is to her taste.
  • Solid vs. hollow jewellery — 14 carat gold rings can be similar to Claddagh bands, where all the elements are made of this precious metal. They highlight their status and are worth sharing from generation to generation. On the contrary, layouts with hollow zones are airier and look good on any finger. Both production approaches guarantee the end result will be comfortable to wear.

Where to Order

With the help of a rich FJewellery online assortment of goods, your dream to get a perfect match for any occasion is reality. No need to wait in long queues or plan your trip to a local jewellery store. If you know what your heart wishes, 14 karat rings will tell her your inner thoughts without words. At the same time, our catalogue offers plenty of other designs to complement your choice. For more information, visit our official page.

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