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18ct Gold Eternity Rings

Buy Eternity rings made of 18 carat gold in store FJewellery

At F Jewellery, we get often asked whether an 18 ct gold eternity ring is worth investing in. The answer is absolutely straightforward. With its value that doesn’t decrease over time, this piece of jewellery will definitely become a gorgeous present to your beloved one. Why not use this excellent opportunity to celebrate an important occasion for the couple? Knowing more details from this reputable provider about this deal will help both beginners and experienced customers in decision-making. Mind the gap!

Divergent Palette of Options

All things considered, the multifunctionality of 18ct gold eternity rings can’t help but impress. On the one hand, it is a frequently applied solution for engagement and wedding ceremonies. On the other hand, you don’t have to be in a romantic relationship with someone to please yourselves with stunning and fashionable bands.

Just check some images and pictures of 18ct eternity rings that are available in our online store’ catalogue. It features a myriad of rings with different gemstones:

  • Diamonds — without a doubt, this is a classic combination. But it would be a mistake to think that all of the present models will look the same. First of all, the cut of stones will define the final gloss of rings. Round brilliance is the most frequent solution. Among other popular shapes, there are also baguette and princess cut diamonds. Secondly, the colour of gems can differ in the range from completely transparent to black.
  • Rubies — if you are looking for a band with a vintage-inspired appeal, then rings with rubies are the right shot. It will also work for those who desire to demonstrate their love and affection in a material way. Don’t hesitate to look for eternity rings with this July birthstone. One of the most coveted stones won’t surprise you with its skyscraper-like cost. On the contrary, it is a good opportunity to order precious goods at a relatively cheap price, especially compared to rings with diamonds. If simplicity and minimalism are appreciated by the target recipient, enthusiasts are welcome to accompany them with necklaces cross layouts.
  • Sapphires — this long-lasting crystal has been cherished and highly sought-after for ages now. Sapphire eternity rings are gorgeous when it comes to preparing a gift for her if she is born in September. What is more important, there are white sapphires that can create an illusion of the stones with the highest hardness known in the market. Such samples will look amazing in an ensemble with either pendants fancy designs or chains byzantine pieces.

Materials for 18 Carat Gold Eternity Rings

This caratage point is preferred for its durability and wonderful brilliance. Its great resistance to corrosion makes such accessories number one candidate for everyday wear. Contacts with perspiration and other factors won’t influence its appearance, turning its tone into blackened or dull shades.

Over the past years, it has become a trend to mix different alloys and combine solutions of unique colours in one ensemble. Here are some of the reasons why each metal is so beloved:

  • Yellow gold — the touch of royalty and nobility is guaranteed. If you prefer less chunky and more delicate shapes, then eternity rings made of yellow gold will impress you with their unusual elegance. Yellow gold bands are easily matched not just with other accessories like rings, pendant, necklaces, bracelets, etc., but also with other gold alloys within one style.
  • White gold — if you like how platinum looks, then white gold will become a worthy alternative. Besides, this type of metal is distinguished with its compatibility — it goes with anything. The analyzed alloy will obviously suit different skin tones without difficulty.
  • Rose gold — making a bold statement isn’t a challenge for rose gold eternity rings. In this case, you can even opt for less expensive gemstones — the metal will hide all possible drawbacks and will lie a nice emphasis on any supporting material. Rose gold is the best when it comes to adding a feminine vibe to your outfit and mood.

Depending on the size and number of crystals applied (there are bands with double rows of diamonds, for example), the amount of metal will differ. In addition, the composition of the ring also influences this parameter. Let’s be more precise: full eternity rings will contain less gold than a channel or a claw setting.

Wrap It Up

To buy magnificent styles of accessories on sale isn’t a dream anymore. F Jewellery is a nice place to seek your perfect 18k gold eternity ring. Not only will you be able to save some money on the purchase, but also you will be complemented by a high-quality assortment of durable and fantastic jewellery for any taste. If you have any questions about our collection, feel free to apply to our support team for a consultation.

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