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18ct White Gold Eternity Rings

Buy eternity rings made of 18 carat yellow gold  in store FJewellery

The formula for getting white gold is pretty simple. All you need is to get yellow gold and mix it with metals like palladium, nickel, manganese, or platinum, and Bob’s your uncle. Although such magic is commonly impossible at home, there are several reputable parties to achieve every goal for you. At the F Jewellery shop, customers are welcome to check how stunning and magnificent 18ct white gold eternity rings are.

Introduction in the Universe of White Gold Rings

We should thank for the white gold invention to platinum. People had a burning desire to enjoy its natural and spectacular brilliance but without investing a fortune. That’s why its alternative was invented. What is more important, its characteristics do stand out and complements enthusiasts with its amazing appearance affordable at a relatively cheap price.

Literally for ages, yellow gold has been a traditional choice whenever it came to looking for wedding and engagement rings. But the inherent value of white gold has gradually won the market. Its popularity has increased since the end of the twentieth century. 18 carat white gold eternity rings are preferred not only for their excellent visual attractivity:

  • The metal under consideration is distinguished by its compatibility and versatility. On the one hand, its properties are suitable for customers with different types and tones of skin. Since it is a rather neutral shade, there is nothing surprising it works well for him and for her at the same time. On the other hand, white gold allows other elements in the layout to stand out. This is especially necessary for clear diamonds.
  • Physical properties shouldn’t be neglected in decision-making too. If you are afraid of metal corroding or rusting over a prolonged wear time, that is not the case with white gold.

This contemporary twist on traditions in the jewellery industry is available in different styles and sizes. To understand which models to order, don’t hesitate to check decent images on our website — they are enough to guide you on the way to meet your final expectations. Thanks to its elegant yet modern colour, it is not a problem to match white gold bands with other solutions to achieve a completely new vibe. For instance, bracelets mariner layouts will add a male look to your target recipient’s outfit. At the same time, pendants charm samples will contribute to lady’s tenderness, while chains Singapore products are wonderful signs of experiments.

Since gold in its original purity is overly soft to create delicate lines and shapes yet stay fine and durable, adding other components in the alloy solves this issue. From this perspective, 18k white gold eternity rings are a good compromise between alloy purity and quality. What is more important, the cost isn’t unaffordable. At our online store, you can seek designs of divergent complexity that are available for sale — regular promotions won’t let you be disappointed.

Eternity Ring Settings

Of course, eternity rings aren’t just about metals. What is the best gemstone to decorate white stone? Frankly speaking, diamonds aren’t the only possible solution. Apart from it, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires of several colour qualities can be easily applied. The combination of white gold and diamonds still remains the most popular and appreciated among the target audience.

Checking what you like or dislike out of any virtual catalogue, it is important to remember that diamond cuts will also influence the overall appearance of a particular design. Crystals shouldn’t be of a huge size to be noticeable and eye-catching — the quantity is the ruler here. The difference between separate stones is determined by the chosen setting (channel or claw, for instance), but the cut plays a great role too:

  • The assortment of diamond cuts contains forms shaped differently, but the most popular with a high price tag (according to some experts) pattern is round stones. Smooth lines will lay the right emphasis on the ring’s beauty and will contribute to the impression of it. The lack of contrast in the forms leads to a more elegant and delicate view of white gold bands with diamonds. Full eternity rings are gorgeous with them.
  • Cushion-cut gemstones resemble a square a lot, but not with such strict and sharp angles. It has increased its popularity quite recently and is likely to win the hearts of fashionistas in the next seasons as well. Such elements are wonderful when set in a halo design.
  • Princess cut crystals are the next level to the previous category. If you are crazy about implementing geometric patterns in your accessories without ruining strict angles and lines, that is your soulmate powerhouse.
  • When it comes to geometry, another option that is gaining momentum nowadays is emerald cut. Its internal reflection is something unbelievable. However, it should be noted this cut requires stones of superb quality since the smallest issues will be easily caught.

All in all, beautiful white gold eternity rings are great to buy for those who are looking for accessories to express their love and affection. But this style will serve for any intention — even for her to celebrate her recent carrier achievement.

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